Nokia at MWC 2011


Nokia confirms its place in MWC this year. And Nokia will host a press briefing for the media on Sunday, February 13, at 18:30 CET at Casa Llotja de Mar, Barcelona. Dear Nokia , couldn’t you find a better time than Feb 13th evening when both Sony Ericsson  and Samsung are holding events ? Anyway here is the list Nokia Speakers and events that is going to take place at the MWC.


Nokia Developer Day at AppPlanet

Nokia is also conducting an workshop like event for developers and media called  Nokia Developer Day at AppPlanet where Nokia will explain the app building capabilites with Nokia’s Qt and other technology. And a look at some of tools and demos in the exhibition area.

And we want them to showcase their MeeGo devices and tablets, which i think is not going to happen. But do watch out they might come out with something new, a new stratergy which will change Nokia’s high end market may be?

We will report live from the event. Keep tuned. Bookmark FoneArena for all your MWC 2011 related news !

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  • Suhas

    Egarly waiting for nokia to come up something special to get their fans togather.May be we can get some preview of meego device at MWC just keeping my fingers crossed it will be good one.Hopefully nokia bounce back to highend segment.