Nokia C5 Firmware Updates To Version 032.010

Nokia recently released a new firmware update for Nokia C5. The new version 032.010 can be easily downloaded from Nokia Software Update (NSU) or via. Over-The-Air.

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Nokia recently released a new firmware update for Nokia C5. The new version 032.010 can be easily downloaded from Nokia Software Update (NSU) or via. Over-The-Air. Even though Nokia C5 has support for User Data Preservation (UDP), you should backup all your data before updating this device. Check out the complete changelog below.

Nokia C5


  • Improved Browser.
  • Improved Search.
  • Facebook Application Updated.
  • Qik Application for Live Video recording.

This firmware update may not be available for all product codes. You may have to wait for few days or even for few weeks before this update is available in your region. If you find something new or if you have some screenshots or videos of this firmware update, please share with us.

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Author: Omkar Dutta

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  • Nick6990

    u r always late
    i updated my phone 10 days back!!!!

  • Gourav

    I also updated 1 week back,but after update the sound become very low…is anyone facing this dame problem?

  • Pradeep

    I am also facing same issue. After updating few days back, today I realised that sound from speaker is very very low. Sometimes I can not hear ringtone also.

  • pritam

    i m also facing same problem…

  • I am not able to update from phone,i am from india.

  • Nguyen Hoa

    Yeah, me too, speaker very low, i cant hear the ringtone when im outdoor or when driving motobike, i hope nokia will fix it soon

  • samprince1991

    My c5 also has same problem .After the update the sound is very low

  • Lord Liri

    I did the update OTA then I had to do a hard reset since I didnt like the low sound from the speakers. Nokia should do something about this.

  • Gourav

    Good news for those who are using Nokia C5.But after 1st firmware update the sound became too low.Now to fix this problem nokia released new firmware 061.005.I also updated my C5 by this new firmware & after updation the sound become loud,processing become fast ,quick office version also updated & now you can add smileys to your text message.So update your Nokia C5 now

  • Pradeep

    Hello All,

    Finally there is good news. Yesterday night I received Nokia Software upadtes on my C5 and after updating it the volume problem got resolved. Now volume is much louder but I doubt about its clearity. Anyways now at least I can wake with my mobile alarm 🙂
    Software ver: 061.005
    Soft ver date: 27 Oct 10
    Cust ver: 061.005.c00.01
    Cust ver date: 27 Oct 10
    Language set: 21.01
    Type: RM-645
    Latest upadte: 11/12/2010

    • Pradeep

      As on today…..

      Software ver: 062.001
      Soft ver date: 11 Dec 2010
      Cust ver: 062.001.C00.01
      Cust ver date: 11 Dec 2010
      Language set: 21.01
      Type: RM-645

  • I got 62.001 on 08.02.11

  • Jensurya

    me too…

  • lalan

    21st june i buy my nokia c5.its sound is very low.what can i do?
    my software version is 032.010,software date 17-july-2010

  • pradeep

    update to Software ver: 062.001