Reliance Launches Android Powered Samsung Galaxy i899 For Rs.19,990

Reliance Communications, recently launched the India’s first CDMA Phone on Android Platform, Samsung Galaxy i899. This phone is finally available in India with a price tag of Rs.19,990.

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Reliance Communications, recently launched Samsung Galaxy i899, the India’s first CDMA Phone on Android Platform. This phone was already launched in the US, Europe and China, but India was skipped. Samsung Galaxy i899 is finally available in India with a price tag of Rs.19,990. This handset comes with 3.2 megapixel camera, 32GB expandable memory, 3.2 inch AMOLED screen and much more. Check out the complete specs below.

“The launch of Samsung Galaxy i899 Smartphone, is in line with our strategy to offer next-generation services with unmatched voice clarity, hi-speed wireless data network access and ultra-fast application downloads on India’s largest and only nationwide CDMA mobile service to Reliance Mobile customers,” said, Vrajesh Shelat, head of handset & data services, Reliance Communications.

“With this association we hope to target a large consumer base of Reliance Mobile subscribers by offering them the feature rich Galaxy i899, India’s first CDMA Android Phone. Applications from the Android Market can be easily downloaded and installed on to the Galaxy i899 very fast, thereby opening up an entirely new world of applications for the mobile phone users , which they can further customize as per their preferences,” said, Mr.Ranjit Yadav, director, Mobile and IT, Samsung Electronics.

Samsung Galaxy i899 Specs:

  • 3.2 inch AMOLED touchscreen display
  • 320 x 480 pixel resolution
  • Google’s Android OS
  • 800MHz processor
  • 3.2 megapixel camera with LED flash
  • DivX support
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • Reliance Netconnect
  • Push and Pull mail service
  • 3-Way Call Conference
  • 230MB internal memory
  • 32GB expandable memory
  • Up to 6.7 hours talk-time
  • Up to 588 hours standby time
  • 1440 mAh battery

Prepaid users will get upto 10GB of free data usage on Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ for 1 month and postpaid users will get free data usage of 15GB over a period of 2 months.

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Author: Omkar Dutta

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  • siddharth

    20k for a Galaxy Spica clone on CDMA platform !! That’s crazy. This is the reason why CDMA despite being better has fallen behind GSM. You get Galaxy Spica for 11k in the market. That price just shows how much the CDMA technology owners are earning in terms of royalties. People using CDMA are getting ripped off when they buy CDMA mobiles.
    That explains why most of the CDMA mobiles are aesthetically very poor. The better you try to make the mobile device the more royalty you have to pay to Qualcomm.

    • Ravindra Swami

      When Reliance started giving advertisement for this hand set the price range setter on website showed that it was available for INR 6900 and if you slided the range to INR 6600 it was shown that it is not available. Now when the set is launched if you slide range to lowest (for Samsung hand sets) which is INR 3600 reliance is showing that it is available. I read from various sites and blogs that it is priced at INR 19990. You know what does it mean? earlier reliance fooled people then they realized that price is not INR 6900 or under it so they started giving the advertisement on all ranges for Samsung mobile which means when a person goes to webworld and finds that the price is INR 19990 and argues that why it is shown for INR 3600 or INR 3900 he will receive a reply that it is a technical glitch and the set is advertised for all prices and it is just a mistake, the original price is INR 19990.
      Reliance always tries to make people fool.

    • mahesh

      very much true

  • dr rajappa

    i do understand that cdma opraterspecilly relince stripping money from custmers. i brought blckberry 9630 28000rs . cdma very costly. cdma have very poor battery life even though i briught im not satisfied witht i dont iknow . data chargs very high monthly bill total will comes around 1700rs very horrible.i removed my all planes i kept jus 99rs . still withought talking i have to pay have bad traiff palne im observing since 2oo3.i felt among handset i used. nokia
    6255 is best one.people cross have differnt viwews. cheap handset poor connctvity. poor batterry. poor quality sound. higer end handset have differnt problm . high cost poor battery . high data cost if u use data
    anyawy cdma hanset high cost relince is looting. bad cutmer care service , difficult to belive relince i have custmer since 2003 there other network like tata cdma chargers nominal at least call charges 1rs for 10 min really wonderfull planes.

  • dr rajappa

    people should not be crazy abt handset .at rate of 20000rs add another 10 thousand u will get dell lap top u can do anything talk cht brouse mailing .use 3g bsnal data card . it has fast connectivity . speed is very good just if downlioad any file 200 to 300kpbs/ wonderfull
    im doing same now i broght dell laptop 31000rs withh bsnl 3g good combination. i have tata .relince airtel for voce charges btter with tata then tata poor handset . tarrif is good. any mobile 1rs for 10 min local/std 3rs for 10 min wow wht great charges. pleae dont think im not fan of tataindocm reality is tht whos is betterto good quality service. relinace care as good when mukes ambani was there
    now i feelservice by cumer care is horrible they feel they r on top of world.u people dicde wht u need u takes service /… here people have differnt views

  • NM

    overall CDMA Technology is good, When it comes to the service, handset quality, battery life, its nill I have used many models under the various brands in low & medium range handsets.

    Cost of the mobiles which have decent features are priced high & the availability of the same is limited to the concerned carriers. Most of the CDMA optees slowly switching to the GSM because above said reasons.

  • Anant

    I initially thought that this phone was highly priced but then i realised, the 20k pricing includes the i5700 equivalent phone(14k) + netconnect broadband+ modem(2.8k) + free usage of 15GB(1750) + connectivity of Reliance network which is unmatched by any TATA Photon or BSNL EVDO. I have been using EVDO for a long long time now with BSNL. And i know for a fact that i have wasted more time and resources for an EVDO connection which barely gives me dial up speeds and that too not with any kind of reliability or coverage. The coverage is pathetic. Doesnt work properly indoors or outdoors, range is pathetic, speed is good only when range is good, but i cant shift residences to get better speeds out of BSNL. Unlimited plan is good, but what good is an unlimited plan if I am unable to use even 2 GB in 1 month?

    Android phones can be used as a wifi access point over 3G connection so in effect, this can be used with multiple laptops at the same time. I was considering a Reliance netconnect broadband+ and a new handset (probably samsung wave) but the functionality offered in this easily tops those on the wave. There is no use spending 750 (which has now been increased to 999) on a BSNL evdo and 100 odd for your phone internet connection for 2 separate connections. Better spend 850 on a Reliance netconnect BB+ plan and enjoy better connectivity and better speeds on the phone as well as on the laptop rather than wasting money n multiple devices and multiple plans. I give the i899 with reliance netconnect a BIG Thumbs Up!

  • punit

    reliance is one of the bigger bhikari in world

  • Suneeth


  • Suneeth


    A reasonable view, one has to admit. Reliance currently has probably the best network in the country. They entered the CDMA market and made it a national network through the back door. But then that has been the way Reliance has operated and expanded their business on all fronts. 🙂

  • Is that true?

  • Good sound quality.