What’s the craziest thing you have done on your phone ?

Let’s bring back those funny memories in the weekend . What’s the craziest thing you have ever done on your phone ?

It can be anything from dropping your phone in the washroom , sending the SMS to absolutely wrong person , calling the cops by mistake, taking pictures at the wrong moment , referring to wikipedia during a boring exam or trying  to watch the latest hollywood flick on that 2 inch screen. Share your crazy mobile moments !

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Author: Varun Krish

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  • Ninad

    I have sent my father an sms meant for my girlfriend which said “I had slept off honey. Will reach and call you.” (I just typed this is in under his nose). Also I couldn’t prepare for the German language test and downloaded a German to English and English to German dictionary in the exam hall on my P1i and aced the test using the dictionary for the remaining 1 n a half hour. I got the highest. 😀

  • I flushed my old phone in gutter.

  • Ashrey

    watched adult sites and downloaded videos in my toilet through wifi

  • Ketan Santoshi

    I use me nokia 5800 for cheated in the college internal tests. Sometimes even copied from wikipedia in test hall.

  • I was going in train to change my mobile phone.My old phone is 6233.I was sitting near by window.not an ordinary window, a emergency exit window- widely opened.
    Then i fall to sleep…The mobile was in my hand (i was hearing songs for last time in that time.!!)
    As you think, i accidentally dropped the mobile..It was a river below.No chance of getting back.I was not sad, because i was going to change the phone..to 5230….

    I lost that mobiles re-sail value.

  • Installed Windows 3.1 OS in my Nokia 5800.
    Always Change my phone product code to other countries through NSS to get Firmware Upgrades.

  • Athul Nath

    Once a general knowledge test was conducted in our class….all GK quetnions with 4 options….i searchd evry questns in Google and it was easy to get ans frm options refering d search result page itself..and I scord..