Mobile Phone Cloning and Hijacking

Popular models of mobile handsets getting cloned is not a new thing, the Chinese have the legacy of cloning the mobile phones like N95,E90 and the series will go on. But, now there is something new that has been added to the cloning phenomenon and this time it is pretty dangerous. The new phenomenon is called phone cloning and hijacking. The culprits clone and hack into your phone by using softwares that are easily available, once the software is installed they just need the unique IMEI number of the phone and they can digitally imprint these numbers on any of the phone they want. Once this is done they can send messages, make calls to anyone and the person whose phone has been cloned and hijacked will be held responsible, so next time when you receive a phone bill that doesn’t match your mobile phone usage or somebody sues you for sending them lewd messages or for making obscene calls then its time for you to realize that your mobile handset has been cloned and hijacked.

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Author: Team FoneArena

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