Dreame DreameBot D9 Max Review

The Dreame D9 Max has arrived in India, courtesy of Dreame Technology, a well-known household appliance brand linked with the Xiaomi ecological chain. D9 Max vacuum cleaner isn’t just about sucking up dust; it also doubles as a mop, thanks to its built-in water tank. 

Boasting a powerful 4000Pa suction, precise LiDAR navigation, smart mapping, app control, and voice assistant support, the Dreame D9 Max at Rs. 24,999, on Amazon, aims to revolutionize household cleaning in India.

We have used it extensively for a week, and here are our thoughts!

Design and Build

The Dreame D9 Max boasts a sleek black design that exudes style and elegance. The build quality is solid, featuring sturdy plastics that lend a premium feel.

On top, you’ll find a LiDAR sensor and user-friendly buttons for easy control. The glossy finish adds to its appeal, but be prepared for occasional cleaning to keep it pristine. A nifty flap on top reveals a spacious 570ml dustbin and a handy cleaning brush.

The robot’s design allows it to navigate obstacles up to 2–3 cm in height, easily sliding under furniture for a thorough cleaning. With a 4-inch height, it reaches challenging spots, for example under a coffee table, and sofa’s effortlessly.

The single side-brush design with silicone bristles ensures durability and easy maintenance. The charging base is discreet and dedicated solely to charging, with no additional features.

Setup and Maintenance

Setting up the Dreame D9 Max is straightforward. Plug in the charging dock, place the robot on it, turn it on, and download the Dreamehome app. The app guides you through connecting the device to your Wi-Fi. Once set up, the app becomes your control hub, offering convenience in managing the robot.

For effective cleaning, the D9 Max performs a detailed mapping of your home’s layout. The app allows users to create multiple maps for multi-floor homes. However, before mapping, clear the room of any obstacles for accurate results. Virtual walls, no-go zones, and no-mop zones can be defined during mapping. The app provides various cleaning settings, including cleaning mode, suction settings, and water volume settings.

Cleaning Performance

The D9 Max impresses with its 4,000Pa suction power across adjustable levels. It handles dirt and debris effortlessly, maintaining quiet operation during standard cleaning. The laser mapping and navigation system ensures intelligent cleaning, prioritizing dirtier areas. The robot navigates 20mm obstacles seamlessly, with anti-fall sensors for safety.

The tangle-free vacuuming design minimizes hair issues, and the high-speed side brush covers corners effectively. The large 570ml dustbin reduces the frequency of emptying.

The robot’s battery lasts around 150 minutes on a full charge, taking 3 to 4 hours to recharge. It returns to the dock when the battery drops to 15%, resuming cleaning after reaching 35% charge. Announcements guide you through different stages of the cleaning cycle.


The Dreame D9 Max delivers good cleaning efficiency, tackling dust, hair, and debris effectively. Minor issues, like partial coverage in certain areas, don’t significantly impact performance. It is worth noting that it is ideal for pet owners, it’s well-equipped to handle pet-related challenges.

D9 Max can also be used for multi-story buildings, since it can create different maps for each floor. Choose the Dreame D9 Max if you are looking for a blend of style, functionality, and reliable performance in your daily cleaning routine.

The Dreame DreameBot D9 Max is priced at an MRP of Rs. 38,999, but you can get it on Amazon.in for as low as Rs. 19,999.