Apple Watch Series 7 could be announced alongside iPhone 13, but ship later

According to previous rumours, Apple is preparing to launch multiple devices in the coming weeks, including the Apple Watch Series 7. A new report from Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman reveals that Apple is facing production issues with the Apple Watch Series 7, owing to its new design and display.

The new Apple Watch Series 7 will reportedly feature a larger display with 16% more pixels. The larger model in particular will have a display size of 1.9-inches. As a result of the larger display, the Watch Series 7 will come in two updated sizes – 41-millimeter and 45-millimeter variants. Other features include a ‘flatter’ design and of course, an updated SoC inside.

Apple is facing production issues with the new display and the complicated display on the Watch Series 7, and it is unlikely that Apple will launch the device with the upcoming iPhone 13 smartphones.

Instead, Apple might do one of three things – Delay the announcement until the issues are fixed, launch the product on time but in small quantities, or announce it on time but go on sale later. Mark Gurman believes that Apple will announce the Watch Series 7 with the iPhone 13, but will either ship late or in small quantities.