Instagram Stories gets Shazam integration

Shazam Instagram

Apple-owned Shazam has announced a new partnership with Instagram that will allow its users to share Shazams onto their Insta stories. The new feature is already available for iOS users who download the latest versions of both apps. Android users will be able to access the new functionality soon.

Right inside the Shazam app when a user opens to discover a song, they will see a button that will allow them to directly share it to an Instagram story. Followers of the account who view the story can click the button that says “More On Shazam,” which will open the Shazam app to the song’s page. This isn’t the first integration inside Instagram.

In the past several months, Spotify, Eventbrite and, SoundCloud have all announced functionalities with Instagram to allow users to share songs and buy tickets from within Instagram. You can download the Shazam app from App Store here.