Apple acknowledges message apps crash bug on iOS and macOS, says fix is coming in the next release

iPhone X

Receiving a Telugu text has been crashing the messaging apps in the iOS, MacOS, and watchOS making users unable to re-open it and in some cases, it can require a DFU reset to fix it. Furthermore, forcing a full reboot at this point will put the device into a boot-loop, where the device continually restarts.

The only way out of this bug it to have your friend send a message and try to delete the thread that contained the bad character. However, Apple today has confirmed the bug and said that the bug has already been fixed in the current beta versions of iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and macOS and also mentioned that it is planning on pushing out an update soon to the public.


Several third-party apps like WhatsApp, Outlook, and Facebook Messenger are affected by this bug because the app is continually trying to load the message. Since the fix is already available in iOS 11.3 beta release, the fix will be coming to the current iOS 11.2.5 public version.

Apple confirming the bug fix has said:

The bug is not only fixed in current betas of iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS, it’ll also be made available to the current release versions of all the operating systems as well.

So, for example, though the bug is fixed in iOS 11.3 beta, Apple will push out an update to iOS 11.2.5, the current release version, to fix the problem as well. That’ll make sure everyone gets the fix as quickly as possible.