Top 5 Star Wars videos to check out on your OnePlus 5T

A long time ago in a Galaxy far far away, George Lucas came up with the idea for Star Wars. A saga that has been 40 years in the making, it has become the swan song of space operas. For the hardened fan or a curious bystander to the mass hysteria surrounding the franchise, we’ve put together a list of what we feel are some of the best videos to check out as you gear up for the movie. Better still, OnePlus is introducing an amazing Star Wars edition of their latest flagship. If you’ve just bought a OnePlus 5T or are looking to add the special edition device to your collection, what better content to watch, right? 

Released first in 1977, we wouldn’t blame you if you are a bit rusty on your Star Wars history. Between the movie, the Rebel Wars and Clone Wars movie series, hundreds of books and comics, there’s a lot to take in. We believe that the video below does a good job of filling in the gaps and running you through all the details without having to sit through Jar Jar Binks in the Phantom Menace.

Before CGI went mainstream, Star Wars was shot using handmade props and cinematography tricks that still hold up. 10 year old me would have never believed if you told me that Anthony Daniels was stuffed inside C3PO’s shiny gold suit! Did you know that the prop designers for the original spaceships painted in movie posters and Playboy centerfolds within the cabins of the ship? Find out loads more astounding facts and trivia in our next video.

Yes, yes, we know you love your lightsaber but Star Wars gave birth to dozens of really cool and innovative weapons. I personally love the fact that a lot of them are based on real-world weapons. Did you know that the Death Star, an active space station, packed enough power to destroy a planet? My personal favorite has to be the Booma flung by the Gungan army. Especially the part where Jar Jar fumbles around with it. Check out the video below for more awesome weapons from the Star Wars ecosystem.

Star Wars might be science fiction but a lot of the concepts are grounded in reality. Be it Google Assistant on your OnePlus 5T, Amazon Alexa or even IBM Watson, AI is a reality and intelligence at the level of C3PO isn’t as far out a concept as it was in 1977. Our next video explores the intersection of science, fiction, AI and more set in the universe of Star Wars.

And finally, we have the trailer for The Last Jedi. Okay fine, a lot of you might have already seen it. But come on, it is absolutely worth seeing Rey being a bad ass one more time. Be it Luke Skywalker, Kylo Ren or the general awesomeness of the trailer, there’s something in there for everyone.

As lifelong fans of Star Wars, we’re incredibly excited for the next movie to drop. Right ahead of the movie premiere though we’re looking forward to check out the Star Wars Edition of the OnePlus 5T. Be it the white and black colorway that represents the balance between the two sides of the force or the red slider button that makes it feel like the hilt of the lightsaber, we’ll have more on this special edition phone when it launches on the 14th!