Apple iPhone 3GS vs HTC HD2 High Definition Photo Gallery


Centrinos and FoneArena have another surprise for you. This time both the HTC fans and Apple fans are in for a treat. This is a high definition photo gallery comparing the Apple iPhone 3GS and HTC HD2. Thanks a million to Centrinos!

There is also a comparison of the 2 devices screens. We think the HD2 screen produces better images and also has a better contrast. We will leave it upto you to take the final decision on which device has a better screen after looking through the pictures. You are also free to give you views in the comments.

Click the thumbnails for larger pictures.


HTC HD2 Unboxing Photo Gallery

HTC HD2 High Definition Photo Gallery

A HTC Fan’s Perspective


An Apple Fan’s Perspective


Notice how the black is perfectly black on the HD2 and not quite so much on the iPhone 3GS.


See how the image is crisp on the HD2 and iPhone 3GS shows a bit dull image.


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Author: Sandeep Sarma

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