Apple Posts Two New iPhone 5 Television Ads, ‘Orchestra’ and ‘Turkey’

Apple has just released two new iPhone television ads. The ads are called  ‘Orchestra‘ and ‘Turkey‘. Orchestra highlights the microphones and noise canceling technology on the iPhone 5. This technology helps reduce background noise during calls. Turkey focuses on the Share Photo Stream feature of iOS 6.

Excuse me, maestro? Bring it down please!
That’s what happens to background noise when you’re making a call on this.
This microphone here picks up the sounds around you and helps turn them down.
So when the world gets noisy, calls sound better.

Well, it’s that time of year again.
You know, picture taking season?
And, with Photo Stream, you can share all the photos you want.
With just the people you want.
It’s as easy as pie. Mmmm… pie.

Both the ads are great, but Apple’s ‘Orchestra’ ad is my favorite. Apple does a fantastic job at explaining the concept of noise canceling with this ad. Simply brilliant.

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Author: Parth Dhebar

Parth Dhebar is a 18 year-old entrepreneur. Parth is a recognized name in the industry, known for covering Apple and technology news. He is an Editor at FoneArena covering news on Apple. You can follow him on Twitter @pdparticle.