Video: LG E900 Windows Phone 7 hands-on

LG is not only considering on Androids, but they are also working on WP7 powered phones. Yesterday, we saw a LG WP7 phone head to head with the Apple iPhone 4. LG is also working on another WP7 device, which is known as LG E900 a.k.a LG Optimus 7 (image above). A site name Mobilnania got their hands on the LG E900, and they made a long 20 minutes video of it. Well, the guy is speaking in Czech, so you can only understand it if you know the language. But you can still watch the video, because you can see the E900 in action, and yea it’s in all languages. So folks watch the video after the break, and check out the images of the phone by following this link.

via WMPU

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