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Google might bring Cheaper Nexus One to India

Submitted by on March 4, 2010 – 11:11 pm 6 Comments

Google might be planning a Nexus One mini for India. They are planning to bring a cheaper cut down version of the Google Nexus One phone to India according Ankit from CNBC TV-18 who had a chance to interact with Google India MD Shailesh Rao .   Few days ago , Rao felt India was not smartphone friendly , perhaps he has grand plans to tackle that.

This is what Ankit had to say about what he learnt from Shailesh Rao about the fate of Nexus One’s India launch.

Nexus One will not come to India in its US avatar, the India specific Google Phone may be a stripped down version and priced lower!

No word about the price of this phone or any estimated launch date

In a mobile market dominated by a few players, Google’s entry as a mobile handset player(in partnership with HTC or Moto) can be a game changer and might create serious competition for Nokia, Samsung etc.  The Google brand has a great reputation in India amongst internet users and a Google branded phone might be a dream come true for them.

The Nexus One is currently not sold in India but many users have purchased it from the US for around 530 USD which is approx Rs.25000 and the money is certainly worth for the specs of the Nexus One. We speculate that the ideal price for the Nexus One Mini should be around the Rs.15000 mark (327 USD) for a cutdown variant. If it wants to shatter some sales records ,  it can be priced at Rs.9999.

Woot ! we are definitely excited and just a gentle reminder ,  there is a no official nexus one mini as of now . We are just preferring to call it that way . Hope the Nexus One Mini comes to India and lets hope Google does not disappoint India like Apple did.

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  • maulik

    I hate this in India evrythin normally is striped down for eg cars ,car engine is downgraded and thn price is inflated for indian market i h8 this downgradin of gadgets.

  • emile

    u guys need to highlight that little para at the end der..wish u wud stop updates from sources like twitter..which have the rumor mills spinnin..remem 3GS?

  • Avirup

    Can anyone tell me when Samsung plans to launch OmniaLITE in India? Its a great smartphone at its price.

    It would be interesting to see if Nexus One does come for 15k. If it does it would be a direct competition for OmniaLITE v/s Nexus One!

    If it is less thank 10k, Google could actually beat Nokia 5800 sales!

  • shriraj

    this is absurd with over 1 billion population with few million millionaires and highest no of engineering graduates they are still saying India is not smart-phone friendly I’ve been using smart phones in india since 2003 its ridicules that i’ve to buy nokia n900 in Grey market at 32k which was imported from Dubai……..no tax for indian government nothing……it’s shame and i feel like living in 80s where government regulating everything in india.

    • XYZ

      As you are feeling like this, why did you bought it?

  • shilpa

    i want to know about nexus one when it’s going to launch in india.
    i read that google is nexus one for india what all features will be there.what will be the actual price.wht is the cost of nexus one in uk…..where it will be available i means in which mall or shop.