Why is Apple Suing HTC and not Google ?

Apple is suing HTC over infringment of patents related to the iPhone. But we doubt that this suit is aimed at HTC ,  it is aimed at Android or for that matter Google – the creator of the Android operating system. So why is Apple suing HTC and not Google ?

HTC is the largest maker of Android handsets and they are the makers of the latest  Google phone – the Nexus One. They worked really closely with Google for the production of the phone as you can see in the Making of the Nexus One videos. While the Nexus One is the first Android phone to be sold directly by Google,  the T-Mobile  G1 which was launched back in 2008 was the first Android phone and developed by HTC.

Google has been betting that Android will outperform the  iPhone and after the success of the Motorola Droid and amount of the coverage the Nexus One has been getting since its launch is pretty impressive. Now the complaints filed talk about the Nexus One, HTC G1 , Hero, Magic and Droid Eris – Android Phones.

It’s pretty clear now why Google CEO Eric Schmidt got booted from the Apple Board. Earlier rumors indicated Apple was  dropping Google as the default search engine on the iPhone and that the company was replacing Google Maps with it’s own mapping solution.

Google beat Apple in the race to pick up mobile advertising company Admob last year .

On examining the partial list of patents Apple has managed to patent some of the most obvious things and it leaves almost no room for innovation by other players. We do love the iPhone touchscreen and it’s one of the best phones we have ever used. Some of the patents under the radar are.

  • Unlocking A Device By Performing Gestures On An Unlock Image
  • List Scrolling And Document Translation, Scaling, And Rotation On A Touch-Screen Display
  • System And Method For Managing Power Conditions Within A Digital Camera Device
  • Conserving Power By Reducing Voltage Supplied To An Instruction-Processing Portion Of A Processor

Although the rumors indicated Apple and Google were parting ways, during the recent iPad announcement , Steve Jobs was pretty happy to show off the Google Maps application on the iPad. Apple might not want to sue the neighboring Mountain View based Company as Google Services are critical for Apple products . But it’s pretty clear that Apple wants to send out a message to Google and other Android manufacturers. We won’t be surprised if Apple sued Motorola next .

We are no legal experts but if  the patent madness continues , someone might even patent the way you breathe or make love or take a leak !

Wish the patent system gets a revival and there is lesser room for corporate monopoly !

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Author: Varun Krish

Varun Krish is a Mobile Technology Enthusiast and has been blogging about mobile phones since 2005. His current phones include the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge , Apple iPhone 6S Plus & Nexus 5X. You can follow him on Twitter @varunkrish and on Google+ You can also mail Varun Krish

  • Apple might want to read up on Google’s location patent before they get too cute.

  • Varun Roy

    According to what is said here, Apple want to fight Google, so they file a lawsuit against HTC. Logic?

    And corporates spend millions of dollars on R&D to come up with breakthrough technologies. If they dont file a patent, any other corporate can just rip off the hard work and put the technology onto their gadgets. So the company which toiled time and money into development is the loser.

    Unfortunately, the end user is the one who suffers in these patent wars coz ultimately the best technologies are not always made available to everyone. But at this point of time, what is the other way around?

    • Agreed .. One of the reasons brands refuse to exhibit their products at major shows is that they easily become a victim of being ripped off.
      The suit clearly demonstrates why Apple dislikes Android. Having used both the iPhone and HTC Android phones, there are very minor similarities in the UX.

  • Varun Roy

    I’ve read the entire lawsuit documents, and still can’t figure out how you claim that Apple is targeting Google. You have said the handsets in question are:
    1. Nexus One
    2. HTC G1
    3. Hero
    4. Magic
    5. Droid Eris

    But in the lawsuit filed, the devices that Apple have submitted are:
    1. Apple iPhone 3GS
    2. Apple MacBook Pro
    3. HTC Nexus One
    4. HTC Touch Pro
    5. HTC Touch Diamond
    6. HTC Touch Pro2
    7. HTC Tilt II
    8. HTC Pure
    9. HTC Imagio
    10. HTC Dream (G1)
    11. HTC myTouch 3G
    12. HTC Hero
    13. HTC HD2
    14. HTC Droid Eris


    Take a look at Page 23 of the above documents, there’s a spread of BOTH windows and android, nothing to suggest that Apple’s targeting android ONLY.

  • suresh

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  • doc

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