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Apple Event Jan 27th Live Coverage

Submitted by on January 27, 2010 – 1:53 pm 13 Comments

We would be bringing you all the information that unfolds at Yerba Buena Center for Arts in San Francisco. The live coverage for the much expected Apple Event starts at 10 PM IST tonight and we have something special in store for you. This is not the normal live coverage where one beams live pictures and info without a meaning. This is meant to be a live discussion amongst all readers.  Its your chance to voice out our opinion !

We would be giving away $100 worth of iTunes gift certificates to FoneArena readers today !

We invite each and every one of you to our live discussion below

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  • http://blog.spicelabs.in Prashant Singh

    too cool . I will be following it . are you at California ? Lucky you . many believe that this is the last time we are seeing Steve doing a product launch . Damn I always wanted to see him on stage .

  • http://fonearena.com Nepal

    Itablet will launch at tonight

  • Praveen Ratna Deepak

    I did not like this:

    [code]We would be giving away $100 worth of iTunes gift certificates to FoneArena readers today ! [/code]

    Why not give us a iPad instead ? 😛

    • http://www.fonearena.com Varun Krish

      Haha. Lets see if its launched in India 😛

      • http://www.rdeepak.net Praveen Ratna Deepak

        Oops…I dozed off last nite..Cudn’t make it Varun..sorry.

        Crazy.. Apple doesn’t own a single iPad domain name :) – now that bowled a lot of iSlate, iTablet sherlock holmes fellas like Techcrunch, etc

  • Maulik

    I am highly excited for this event will try to watch it live!!

    • Maulik

      Even i wanted to see him live on stage and also meet him for an hour or soo jst like that

    • apaul

      U no wat guys Ive got exams tomrw…or else Id have watched the event..damn :(

  • kunal

    Hi Varun

    Do you expect Apple to announce launch of Iphone 3GS in india in this event or would it be individual like they did in China and other countries.

    Any news about launch of Iphone 3GS officially in india?

    Vodafone and Airtel are clueless like the iStore employees.

    Dont you think the apples are starting to taste bitter for indian fans because Apple is depriving Apple fans in India of the best products.


    • http://www.rdeepak.net Praveen Ratna Deepak

      I guess it had something to do with Steve Jobs ‘spiritual’ rather ‘dismal’ experience when he visited India? 😛

  • anirudh

    another apple product thats going to be shitty,why follow

  • Maulik

    Its 10

  • Maulik

    I won i told it ll be called iPad