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iPhone Apps that you need to have before 2010

Submitted by on December 31, 2009 – 11:19 pm One Comment

This is the post I have been waiting to write for a month, after continuously reviewing so many Apps throughout the year, I have tried my best to  summarize and bring you the must have Apps(here Apps by default means iPhone Apps).

I will not be categorizing any Apps and I will also give a alternative if possible. I am also avoiding any description as these are few selected Apps you should not require any description, you just need to fire up iTunes and get these.

1) Print & Share

Print & Share (iTunes Link) for the iPhone/iPod Touch is the best printing and file sharing app. It enables you to print emails, files, web pages, contacts and images and also shares files & documents with your desktop computer.


ACT Printer (iTunes Link) is also a good App, but it only works with Mac, PC is not supported.

2) Photogene

Photogene (iTunes Link) is kind of ultimate editing tool for iPhone, actually after using it feels like real photoshop for iPhone.


Best Camera (iTunes Link) is only stop, if you are only looking for adding filters/effects to your photos and sharing them with various site.

3) Classics

Classics (iTunes Link) is one of the best looking E book reader available on iPhone, though the collection is not so vast, but it will not disappoint you.


Eucalyptus (iTunes link) is another E book reader App which quite a good amount of books which are available for free, but visually it is simply not appealing, but it serves the purpose.

4) Reeder

Reeder (iTunes Link) impresses on it’s sleek design and fast load, it looks great and works too good.


Newsstand (iTunes link)is equally a noteworthy App, it is also a superb App as reeder.

5) 2Do

2Do (iTunes Link) another stunning note taking App, with even synchronization option with Mac, and even integration of calendar, made it to the top.


Awesome Notes (iTunes Link) is just another note taking App with good interface and with integration to Evernote support, makes it a good buy.

6) Tweetie 2

Tweetie 2 (iTunes Link) do not need any explanation, just go and get it.


Twitbit (iTunes Link) is a fresh new twitter App, though no one can come close to tweetie 2 now, but Twitbit is not so far even, but I think all other twitter Apps like Twitterific, EchoFon needs a new face lift.

7) Air Mouse

Air Mouse (iTunes link) a total remote control of computer, it is the ultimate App for controlling your computer.


RemotePad (iTunes Link) is a cheap alternative of Air Mouse. It however satisfies with it’s functionality .

8) Quick Office


Bento App (iTunes link) it is really a very productive App and very very useful.

9) Pastebot

Pastebot (iTunes link) showed us how we make better use of our iPhone clipboard, this is really a unique App and a must have.


Syncopy (iTunes Link) just came after Pastebot, though both do the same work, but Pastebot gains here.

10) Sparks

Sparks (iTunes Link) is a idea management App, it is quite like a management App or like black board for managing and giving shapes to ideas.

Happy downloading these App and we hope next year we will also see some awesome Apps lying on App Store, and we will also like to thanks all developers for providing with promo codes for review.

And a happy new year from FoneArena team.

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