W388 – Music enabled camera phone from Motorola

A lovely candy bar styled music phone is making its march fast from the mobile giant Motorola. Bundled with music key, FM radio and microSD card slot the W388 sports a VGA camera.. Armed with a  with dual-band GSM (850/1900MHz or 900/1800MHz) support for a good connection the phone supports seven African languages.  Motorola’s CrystalTalk technology included in this lovely candy bar should provide awesome call quality.

Pricing expected to be under $100, to be available in Q3 of this year. Continue reading “W388 — Music enabled camera phone from Motorola”

MOTORAZR 2 V9 Ferrari

Its going to be a zoomin’ rockin’ handset!

As the Formula One racing culture catches fast with the youth in India, Motorola has partnered with world-renowned sports car label Ferrari to launch a co-branded 3G-enabled handset named the “MOTORAZR 2 V9 Ferrari” in the Indian market.

Specs and features as indicated:

• 3G-enabled
• Unique racing interface
• 2 Megapixels camera
• 2 GB expandable memory Continue reading “MOTORAZR 2 V9 Ferrari”

New Motorola W362 CDMA for Reliance users

Reliance Communications unveiled Motorola’s new CDMA handset W362 in Chennai. This handset is claimed to be made entirely in India, at the Motorola plant in Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu.

This low end handset has very basic features and is a great buy for college students.

Specs & Features:

• 4x zoom VGA camera
• 1,000-entry phone book Continue reading “New Motorola W362 CDMA for Reliance users”

MING handsets – the A1600 and A1800 from Motorola

Motorola unveiled two handsets that are categorized as business class devices that run on the same Linux OS, i.e. MING handsets – the A1600 and A1800.

Motorola MING A1600

A typical business phone as the Specs & Features will prove, but this is also a handset that tourists will love because the handset will feature the option of taking pictures of signboards and having them translated with the help of an on board dictionary.

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MOTOZINE ZN5 unveiled

Finally…an innovation from Motorola!

The first mobile phone to combine Motorola’s ModeShift Technology and Kodak Imaging Technology was unveiled in Beijing, China. With Kodak Easyshare Software and easy access to Kodak Gallery or other web sharing sites, pictures are easily moved off the device, allowing consumers to print, share and enjoy their favourite photos whenever they want.

Camera features:

• 5 megapixel auto-focus camera
• Xenon flash
• Settings for low-light environments
• Multiple capture modes
• Multi-shot and
• Panorama – which automatically stitches together continuous shots taken on the horizon line into a single, extended image
• Gallery Link – to upload images in one click

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Videocon to bid for Motorala’s Mobile business

So screamed the headlines in almost all Business dailies.

The Videocon group is interested in buying Motorola’s handset business.

Motorola’s handset wing is struggling for survival, as was evident from their poor showing at all world events such as CES 2008 and MWC 2008.

“We have hired one of the world’s top three investment bankers who will convey our interest to buy out the mobile handset business of the US company,” Group Chairman Venugopal Dhoot told Business Standard.
According to Dhoot, Videocon is ready to launch its pan Indian GSM mobile operations at an investment of Rs 6000 crores.

“The Indian market for mobile phones is around 120 million units a year and we have our own retail chain stories (Next) that we can leverage. Also, we can transfer the manufacturing plant to India to leverage cheap labour in the country,” added Dhoot. Continue reading “Videocon to bid for Motorala’s Mobile business”

Two Camera concept phone by Motorola

Motorola has released pictures of a concept phone being developed by them that has two cameras at the back of the phone, placed side by side.

Designed by Paris-based Lysandre Follet, this unusual dual-camera handset is designed for multi-tasking functionality, claims Motorola. Users can click pictures with one camera while they can shoot with the other one. Also, two separate flashes can be used together at one go.


Other features:

• Bluetooth Continue reading “Two Camera concept phone by Motorola”

2007, a Blockbuster year for Mobile Phones

2007 was a blockbuster year for Mobile phones. Apprx. 1 billion mobile phones were sold in the year 2007. 2007 also saw some unique launches with Nokia launching their N Series devices followed by Apple launching the iPhone, which created ripples in the mobile phone industry. Continue reading “2007, a Blockbuster year for Mobile Phones”

Moto W181 low end handset for economy buyers

While companies are using the MWC 2008 as an effective platform to launch one cool handset after another, it seems that the insider’s views on the troubles at Motorola Mobile division are not rumours after all. Motorola launched three handsets W181, W161 and Z6w and all of them are just so run-of-the-mill.

Moto W181


Absolutely nothing to write home about this candy bar handset’s looks. Let’s look at the specs and features: Continue reading “Moto W181 low end handset for economy buyers”

Rollable cell phone screen


When we are fighting to share limelight and craving to be noticed only way to do it is to prove to be different. So does a company that has suffered tremendous losses thrive to be up and coming, it can be achieved only by inventing something new. Well that is what is going about in the Motorola camp.


Motorola has recently filed patents for a rollable cell phone display. It seems that this new display will feature “an interface that is made of a flexible material and has an active and inactive position. The interface is coupled with a reservoir. The reservoir is used for storing electrorheological fluid. The user interface system also includes a source that is coupled to the reservoir. The source is used for applying an electric field to the electrorheological fluid when the interface is in the “active position”. Continue reading “Rollable cell phone screen”

Motorola Z12 ZiNE pictures leaked

motorolaz12scarvenfirstfh1.jpgWell we have been hearing quite abuzz in the mobile world and circulations across the web that Our beloved Motorola are following suite Siemens and Philips in selling of their mobile phone division.

To put aside all these rumours Moto has released a teaser video In the 3GSM Congress and now the actual pictures of the long rumoured Motorola Z12 ZiNE a.k.a. Skarven have been leaked.

The photos make it look exactly like the recently launched Z10 though Z12 will have more of touch based interface, the keypad will be touched orientated and the display will obviously be a touchscreen as rumors confirm it has symbian UIQ

The Z12 is rumoured to have 5 megapixel Kodak camera. Continue reading “Motorola Z12 ZiNE pictures leaked”

MotoYuva W230 music phone launched in India

The Motorola W230 was launched in the CES 2008 which was covered by Fonearena.

The company has now launched the handset in India.

• GSM 900/1800 and GSM 850/1900
• Up to approximately 550 minutes
• Weight – 80g
• 45 x 110.97 x 14.7 mm
• 1.6” 128 x 128 65k CSTN


Continue reading “MotoYuva W230 music phone launched in India”

Motorola might exit mobile handset business

Motorola’s mobile handset business is making big losses .. Moto’s sales went down almost 40% last quarter.

A Researcher from Nomura  ,Richard Windsor has pointed out that Moto might shut shop its loss making cellphone and mobile handset business to concentrate on other products. Researchers are late .. we hinted at this after Nokia bought Trolltech yesterday We said Continue reading “Motorola might exit mobile handset business”

Swarovski crystals in Platinum – if you fancy a shiny Motorola KRZR

The handset is engraved with 336 Swarovski crystals in a platinum base, and has been custom made by Goldstriker, famous for custom made precious phones and gadgets at a price of $1200.


While Justamp calls it “super luxurious”, Intomobile calls it “gaudy and ostentatious vulgarity.”

Just a matter of perspective?? What do you think?