A Comparision between Nexus One, iPhone 3GS and Moto Droid

There has been a lot of action going on the web with respect to Nexus One, with leaked pictures, unboxing videos etc doing the rounds. And with such excitement around the phone, it is sure on its way to be one of the most highly anticipated phone of 2010. Continue reading “A Comparision between Nexus One, iPhone 3GS and Moto Droid”

Motorala’s Android effort for whole China

Motorola has enjoyed good support in China for a long time, thanks to its support to the nation’s homegrown TD-SCDMA 3G technology, and gorgeous looking Win Mobile SURF. Now it has announced not one or two, but three Android high-end handsets for China’s three big carriers.

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Motorola Droid ousts Apple iPhone for the 2009 Times Gadget of the Year


Motorola is making news again , the almost-dead phone maker has bagged the Gadget of the year title by TIME magazine.

This  news also indicates the rise of Android in the US cellphone market and also Apple’s lack of offerings for the shopping season. Continue reading “Motorola Droid ousts Apple iPhone for the 2009 Times Gadget of the Year”

Motorola on target to sell 1 million Droid phones

motorola-droid_c Motorola – Most analysts had written the company off and some were expecting a take over. Moto even considered selling off its handset business which was posting heavy losses quarter after quarter. And now looks like the Handset maker is back in the game. The same analysts are estimating that Motorola is on target to sell 1 million Moto Droid phones on the Verizon network reports Om Malik Continue reading “Motorola on target to sell 1 million Droid phones”

Motorola Announces A Lower End Touchscreen Handset – Motorola Crush

Motorola Crush

Motorola has announced a new touchscreen handset Motorola Crush. Motorola has taken a complete different concept with respect to the UI and design in this phone. Instead of the usual bottom screen of the display in other touchscreen phones, all the buttons are placed on the top of the screen in this mobile and also the UI is designed in such a way that all the functions are located on the top of the display. Continue reading “Motorola Announces A Lower End Touchscreen Handset — Motorola Crush”

Droid Autofocus bug is the weirdest bug. Ever.


One of the main gripes of Motorola’s latest flagship beast is it’s problem with getting a proper auto focus with its 5 Mp shooter. This has been the case since it’s launch and it now seems, to have been magically(through a silent over-the-air update actually) to have been fixed, until the 11th of December that is.  The strange thing is that according to Dan Morrill, from Google’s Android team, the bug is related to a time-stamp bug:

According to Google Engineer Dan Morrill, there is an unfortunate bug in the Droid’s auto focus routine. It improperly rounds a timestamp used in the calculations, which somehow throws the entire focusing process off. Today it works, and tomorrow it will work…but 24.5 days from now, the bug will be back.” Continue reading “Droid Autofocus bug is the weirdest bug. Ever.”

Are new operating systems in the smart phone field hurting Nokia?

My friend, Ranesh Kumar considered picking up a new Nokia handset before he heard about the new Motorola Droid. Just last week, he bought two Motorola Droids from Verizon, one for himself and one for his fiancée.

Nokia_e70Ranesh was a Nokia fan for a long time and had owned few Nokia’s including an E70. But he made the transition to Verizon for a decent deal on a Voyager two years ago (because he likes qwerty keyboards and that was the only one he liked at the time). Ranesh couldn’t wait for a decent Nokia device to hit the market he liked, so he took the plunge. When he tested out the N97, he was terribly disappointed with the overall OS and decided to hold out for the Christmas season of this year to see what was around the corner and settled on the Motorola Droid running the Android 2.0 OS. Continue reading “Are new operating systems in the smart phone field hurting Nokia?”

Motorola Droid Enjoys Great Sales!


Motorola might be on the road to recovery with their new handset. The Motorola Droid which is the company’s first Google Android device and an Apple iPhone Competitor.

The device had tremendous hype even before its release starting with rumours, leaked pictures etc. Now a week has passed since it’s release and sources say that Motorola might have sold as many as 100,000 Motorola Droid phones over the weekend. Continue reading “Motorola Droid Enjoys Great Sales!”