Instagram for iOS might get search filters, starred chats, download your data and more

Instagram new logo

Instagram app for iOS to soon get a bunch of new features including the new search filters, star chat, download your data, organize your conversation and more. There’s still no timeframe on when these features would make their way to the app, but there are references present in the Instagram V35.

Instagram Star Chat

The Star Chat feature now lets you star a specific chat. The new button is present is located on the navigation bar, that will allow to quickly star the chat. However, the location was previously dedicated to video call button, but it can be moved to the user info section, where you can mute the conversation. But since the feature is under development, it can change course anytime. Moreover, you can also see that Instagram is also working to support Stickers in direct messages.

Instagram Search filters

With the search filters, you will be able to filter your chats in order to quickly find them. The currently supported categories include Inbox (all messages), Unread and Starred. Filtering the search result of Starred when there aren’t any starred chats available, you will just see a message saying ‘no starred messages.’ Additionally, Instagram will soon give you the option to download your data from their server, a feature that will also come to WhatsApp in May.

Instagram Download data

Once the feature is fully developed, Instagram will mail you the Zip file to your email much like how Facebook does. Since the features are currently in development, there is no way to tell when these features would be live.