AT&T to launch LTE in Mid-2011

AT&T is one of the USA largest mobile carrier. As you guys know that AT&T never stay behind, so that’s why they finally announced that they will bring LTE 4G network in the middle of 2011 to USA. So finally AT&T is following Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon footsteps and next year, hopefully we’ll see LTE capable phone and fast LTE network on AT&T.

So Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon, watch out because AT&T is now in the bandwagon. This is a very good news for all AT&T users, because they don’t want to be tease by Sprint or Verizon users. If AT&T didn’t make any move next year, then they will be seeing a lot of users saying good bye to AT&T. So lets hope that AT&T will bring some good speed, and phones t00 ! (I can smell a LTE capable iPhone)

via IntoMobile