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Nokia 1100 Review

Review by Ashok on Fri 13 May
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The Nokia 1100 is a entry level phone, targeted at low budget consumers. It?s a cheap, simple, reliable handset at a very low price. The 1100 is a small handset (106x46x20 mm) and weighs only 86 grams.

The phone has got a nice silicon keypad, which looks good on the phone plus does not slip through your fingers. The keypad is very easy to use especially for people with larger finger. Its also a Dual Band phone (EGSM 900/ GSM 1800) with built in flash light (torch). To activate the torch you need to press the `C? button. The phone has also got anti-slip sides.

The display is black and white with a resolution of 96 x 65 pixels and shows a maximum of 4 lines at once (just like the other entry level Nokia phones e.g. the very popular Nokia 3310/3315).
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