More dope on the 3G iPhone

3G iPhone blah blah blah…you must be tired reading all these rumors that are going around the world for the 3G iphone. Every soul who knows something or the other about mobile phones and iPhones is talking about 3G iPhone. Even big shots like Walt from the WSJ are giving their speculations about when the iPhone is going to come. But now there are more evidences being found that the 3G iPhone might be coming pretty soon. The iPhone SDK 3.0 was released sometime back and some of the more inquiring kind of people have dewelled deeper into that SDK documentation and found out that the new iPhone will have SGOLD3 chipset which is 3G enabled so it proves that the iPhone which is coming in June at the WWDC 2008 has to be a 3G iPhone and thats not all this particular chip supports 5 megapixel camera and MPEG 4 video. That means that the iPhone that is going to be launched at the WWDC is going to be a multimedia powerhouse man..I am just waiting to read more about it..

The Transformer Concept phone

One look at it and you might be tempted to ask: Is this a phone? An instrument to communicate?


It has been designed by Shkinder Maxim, the phone works mainly as a cell phone but is also capable of taking photos/video and functions as a multimedia player, a projector, and even supports holographic imaging and 3D scanning.

Its called the Transformer Concept Phone Continue reading “The Transformer Concept phone”

Sony Ercisson BeiBei Another UIQ from SE

Another Device that Sony has planned to surprise us either at the MWC or at UIQ congress in Paris. the device code name “Bei Bei”. , hosts a array of navigation buttons( lots of them infact).

With such looks it should most appropriately appeal to the elite business crowd.
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Nokia and Facebook talking partnership again ?

It seems talks are in their earliest stages at the moment, but according to mocoNews, Nokia and Facebook reps are mulling a potential partnership, and there has even been whispers of dollars changing hands in the process. Apparently, the deal could involve making the Facebook icon a prominent fixture on Nokia handsets and product displays, and while it’s far from confirmed, it could also involve Nokia “purchasing a stake in [Facebook].” Continue reading “Nokia and Facebook talking partnership again ?”

N96 out again on the rumor mills – This time too REAL

Well the BIG MOMMA wont be a fairy tale after all. After VIKY posted it a long time back. it all assumed to be a fair rumor. Ofcourse it had to., The N96 was like a BILLION DOLLAR BABY with those specs that would make HILLARY quit the presidential elections..The N96 looks similar to the N95 but is inspired by the new nseries design like the N81.

nokia n96

The Specs of this phone were leaked on the Nokia german site (ofline now ) We can expect this phone to makes it debut at Barcelona next week !!


  • Quadband EDGE
  • Dualband HSDPA 850/2100 MHz
  • DVB-H Class C
  • 92 cc volume
  • 125 gram weight
  • 103 x 55 x 18 mm
  • 16 GB internal memory AND a microSD slot;
  • 950 mAh battery
  • 6.1 cm (2.8 inch) 320×240 display with 16 million colors
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • WiFi (802.11b/g)
  • AGPS
  • 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens that also does VGA video recording at 30 FPS, Dual LED flash that can also be used when video recording!
  • S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 (Flash Lite 3 enabled web browser included)
  • microUSB

We’ll hold off on calling this thing a winner until we see it in person, but other than the lack of HSDPA 1900, there’s nary a spec in the list that we find ourselves frowning over.

Catch the N96 In India FIRST!

And the World will catch em later!!

you could see SHARUKH saying this on our tv screens soon!!

eBay seller offers Nokia Aeon, is a flat out liar

Seems to good to be true? Yesiree, we’re betting it is, too.

A ebay reseller is offering Nokia Aeon. well you might ask whats so wrong in it., citing ebay is afterall for e-selling only.

well looking into finer details..


Nokia’s Aeon is a concept. The concept handset is “Not even released for sale in INDIA yet !, Nokia’s Biggest manufacturing facility and handset market”. Continue reading “eBay seller offers Nokia Aeon, is a flat out liar”

Windows Mobile on Nokia

Nokia has always been happy and successful with using Symbian and maintaining its relations hip with Symbian. No body would ever imagine Windows Mobile running on Nokia phones, but IT Wire has reported that software giant Microsoft is in talks with Nokia and has asked Nokia guys to offer Windows Mobile Operating System on Nokia devices. Continue reading “Windows Mobile on Nokia”

Motorola Z12 ZiNE pictures leaked

motorolaz12scarvenfirstfh1.jpgWell we have been hearing quite abuzz in the mobile world and circulations across the web that Our beloved Motorola are following suite Siemens and Philips in selling of their mobile phone division.

To put aside all these rumours Moto has released a teaser video In the 3GSM Congress and now the actual pictures of the long rumoured Motorola Z12 ZiNE a.k.a. Skarven have been leaked.

The photos make it look exactly like the recently launched Z10 though Z12 will have more of touch based interface, the keypad will be touched orientated and the display will obviously be a touchscreen as rumors confirm it has symbian UIQ

The Z12 is rumoured to have 5 megapixel Kodak camera. Continue reading “Motorola Z12 ZiNE pictures leaked”

Motorola might exit mobile handset business

Motorola’s mobile handset business is making big losses .. Moto’s sales went down almost 40% last quarter.

A Researcher from Nomura  ,Richard Windsor has pointed out that Moto might shut shop its loss making cellphone and mobile handset business to concentrate on other products. Researchers are late .. we hinted at this after Nokia bought Trolltech yesterday We said Continue reading “Motorola might exit mobile handset business”

Coming soon , Nokia OSeries phones bbye NSeries

After Nokia’s recent acquisition of Trolltech and seeing from the loads of in house Open source initiatives seems like Nokia wants to get out a Open Source handset Series . We call it OSeries

nokia-n95-linux.jpgIt might sound funny but when we learnt abcd its its O after N…

Jokes apart .. Nokia  might be working on a Linux / OS handset lineup  .. Symbian has still a low adoption rate and its got a huge learning curve. Theres a huge Java developer community out there. Android handsets are expected to hit the market by mid 2008. So the Finnish handset maker might want to get some part of the Open Source / Linux handset market for sure..

For now this whole  OSeries things seems like a rumor but its closer to becoming a reality after their recent buy.

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Sony Ericsson K Series Phone Leaked


Sony Ericsson came up with 2 W Series phones at the starting of this month. Now it is speculated that the company is on the verge of announcing a High-end K Series imaging phone, the photos have been leaked by PC Online of China. ( GSM Arena assures that this is a real K Series device and there is nothing fake in it just because it was revealed on a Chinese website. This handset will have a 3 meg clicker with dual LED flash, built in GPS receiver first for any Sony Ericsson phone. Continue reading “Sony Ericsson K Series Phone Leaked”

Nokia connecting with Facebook??


Facebook is a social networking sire launched in the year 2004. It became very popular with users who were bored of using Orkut and wanted something new. Today Facebook is very popular, especially among users. Paid Content has reported that Nokia and Facebook might enter in some kind of deal. They say that the news is confirmed by their “sources”. Continue reading “Nokia connecting with Facebook??”

Sony Ericsson K850 Quicksilver Black


The Sony Ericsson K850, launched in the year 2007, was a hot selling imaging phone form the Sony Ericsson stable. After looking at the popularity of this mobile phone cum digital camera Sony Ericsson might be coming up with K850 Quicksilver Black edition of this phone. Continue reading “Sony Ericsson K850 Quicksilver Black”