Mobile Fan Clubs Launched for MIG33 Users with IPL Teams!


If you are a person, looking over the internet for free calling solution or various mobile tweaking solution, then you must have definitely come across Mig33 – A service, offering varied services like calling to various countries around the world (including India), free SMSing, free Instant Messenger service and much more. Continue reading “Mobile Fan Clubs Launched for MIG33 Users with IPL Teams!”

MTNL Targets 1 Million New Subscribers in the Current fiscal

According to reports, the state run PSU – MTNL is preparing to serve the metros with a bang by investing Rs. 1772 Crore in its infrastructure and service and as such the company is targeting an additions of 1 million new subscribers in the current fiscal. Continue reading “MTNL Targets 1 Million New Subscribers in the Current fiscal”

Vodafone Offers 85% Discount on International Roaming

Voila..! You must be really shocked at least for a moment after reading “85% discount on International Roaming” right? Well, for the first time, even I was surprised and could not make my eyes believe the statement.


But its a fact that, Vodafone is offering 85% of discount for roaming in South Africa. This aggressive move is taken by India’s major private telecom player – Vodafone keeping in mind the ongoing IPL 2009. Continue reading “Vodafone Offers 85% Discount on International Roaming”

Special Recharge Vouchers Launched for Reliance GSM Customers

reliance A new special recharge voucher (also called Rate Cutters) introduced by Reliance GSM can drastically reduce your outgoing call charges. The price of the prepaid special tariff voucher is Rs. 45 which gives a life time incoming validity, along with a special tariff for 90 days. Continue reading “Special Recharge Vouchers Launched for Reliance GSM Customers”

Rumor : Nokia to Use Capacitive Screen on 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

According to a newspaper, Nokia is planning to change the resistive screen on the successful Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and use a capacitive screen instead.

Here is the press release:

Nokia plans to replace the resistive touch panel currently used in its 5800 handset with a capacitive touch panel in order to compete effectively with rival models from Apple, Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, according to sources at Taiwan handset component suppliers.

Nokia’s initial orders for capacitive touch panels will be enough for the production of two million 5800 handsets, with shipments of the new version to begin in May-June, indicated the sources, who are familiar with Nokia’s roadmap. Continue reading “Rumor : Nokia to Use Capacitive Screen on 5800 XpressMusic”

Nokia N86 8MP Gets TIPA Award

The Nokia N86 8MP

has just received an award from TIPA as the Best Mobile Imaging Device of 2009.

Well the phone is expected to hit the market soon , but even before that its got a feather on its cap.

Here’s the press release:

GLOBAL – It’s only been a couple of months since the Nokia N86 8MP was unveiled, but already it’s bagged a prestigious industry award from TIPA (Technical Image Press Association). Picking up the Best Mobile Imaging Device in 2009, the N86 has instantly made a splash amongst what is viewed in photography as one of the most influential organisations. Continue reading “Nokia N86 8MP Gets TIPA Award”

Nokia Sells 3 Million 5800 XpressMusic Phones!

According to an earlier report, many sites published that Nokia had sold 13 million 5800 XpressMusic devices till date. But that news was incorrect and it was actually the Nokia 5310 that had sold 13 million units worldwide.

Anyway here’s the correct news.

Nokia has sold more than 3 million 5800 XpressMusic phones worldwide and that is a good number since Nokia had only a target of 1 million devices. The 5800 is selling more than the iPhone in every place except the USA. That’s a market where even the entire range of Nokia devices have failed to capture much attention. Continue reading “Nokia Sells 3 Million 5800 XpressMusic Phones!”

LG Arena KM900 tons of pics

Well the LG Arena or the KM 900 was announced at MWC this year .

The phone is expected to hit the market in april or may .

We spotted tons of pics of the phone at a chinese website called ePrice .

The most interesting feature of this phone is the 3D User Interface

Also the 5 Mega Pixel camera can record DVD Quality Video

full photo gallery follows Continue reading “LG Arena KM900 tons of pics”

Nokia to host Cricket Match at Mt. Everest

Nokia is hosting a Cricket Match on top of Mt. Everest as a part of Nokia Maps Everest Test

The match would be a Twenty20 match and will happen on April 21st at an altitude no team sporting event  has ever take place  (except air diving ).

The Teams Team Hillary and Team Tenzing will be using Nokia N79s and N85s to record their progress with Nokia Maps and Sports Tracker –  from their heart rate to daily blog entries.

The team members will also be teaching cricket to kids in a village called Khumjung, and donating their kit.

Continue reading “Nokia to host Cricket Match at Mt. Everest”

Black Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Pictures

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic in Black
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic in Black

A while ago we had heard rumours of a black version of the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic coming soon. Though most of us were sure that this would come out due to Nokia’s previous launches like after the N95 came the N95 8GB and after the N79 came the black version, we didn’t know when it would come or how exactly it would look like.

Continue reading “Black Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Pictures”

Sony Ericsson W995 Review

Sony Ericsson W995
Sony Ericsson W995

Here is a review of the Sony Ericsson W995 by the staff of the famous SE-NSE website. The review has been very much talked about. It was started back in February and is now finally finished and has been published.

The review was conducted by testing prototypes of the W995 and there are some missing features and bugs on the device. Thus the review may not be the exact portrayal of the final W995 product. The review will be updated when the phone releases in stores to give you a real view of the final product.

Continue reading “Sony Ericsson W995 Review”

Sony Ericsson W205 Cheapest Walkman handset!

The W205 makes the Walkman phone experience more accessible to consumers and is perfect for those who want all the classic Sony Ericsson mobile phone features while enjoying music on the go!

Get the most out of your best music and favourite radio channels with Walkman™ player, FM radio and TrackID™ music recognition. The slider mobile phone comes with a complete package of entertainment features and the power to set up playlists to ensure you have the right music no matter the occasion. You can even share your tunes with friends via the speaker phone function – if you love your music they will too.

Continue reading “Sony Ericsson W205 Cheapest Walkman handset!”

Sony Ericsson S312 – Perfect for snappers

The Sony Ericsson S312 with its 2 megapixel camera, back-lit dedicated camera shortcuts and a video recording key, makes snapping as easy as making a call in two quick steps. The integrated Photo fix function allows you to get the best picture quality in one step – picture taking has never been this easy!

Continue reading “Sony Ericsson S312 — Perfect for snappers”