Apple App Store Hits 2 Billion Downloads!


Well the title says it all and no you haven’t read it incorrectly. The Apple Application Store has indeed hit the 2 Billion Application download mark. This was announced today at a press conference in Cupertino, California.

Apart from this, some other aspects highlighted at the event were: The Application Store now hosts over 85,000 applications for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Over 125,000 Developers are involved in the Apple iPhone Developer Program. There are more than 50 million Apple iPhone and iPod Touch users worldwide.

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Action Babes for iPhone and iPod Touch

The Apple App store app approval process is often plagued with controversy like the recent Google Voice fiasco. But you know what a company called OutboundCity has managed to get its sleazy app called the Action Babes on the App Store


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Apple iPhone China launch on 1st October


Does anyone remember an earlier article stating that the Apple iPhone is due to release in China? It was also known that China Unicom would bring out the device along with Apple.Now the wait is finally over and China Unicom have announced the launch date for the Apple iPhone for the 1st of October. China Unicom is reported to have around 141 million subscribers of a total of 700 million Chinese cellphone users. The release of the iPhone should definitely give a good boost to the number of subscribers. Continue reading “Apple iPhone China launch on 1st October”

Nokia Acquires Dopplr



Today, Nokia and Dopplr together announced at a press conference in Espoo, Finland that Nokia has acquired Dopplr.

Dopplr is a private mobile service provider for international travellers. The move brings Nokia unique know-how in creating internet-based communities and showing their journeys, experiences and tastes collectively on the web. Continue reading “Nokia Acquires Dopplr”

Samsung SCH-W880 12MP Phone Announced in Korea!


The Samsung SCH-W880 is the Korean variant of the Samsung M8920 about which we posted yesterday.

The Samsung SCH-W880 has been announced in Korea today. It is the world’s first 12MP camera-phone with Optical Zoom. It can be said as a camera that adds phone functionality. Continue reading “Samsung SCH-W880 12MP Phone Announced in Korea!”

Microsoft Pure and Turtle Phones!


Microsoft has been working on a new project called Project Pink.Its been a long time since we started hearing rumours about a Microsoft phone in the works to compete against Apple’s iPhone and other smart-phones. Now Project Pink involves two smart-phones, codenamed Pure and Turtle. Continue reading “Microsoft Pure and Turtle Phones!”

Nokia N900 Fondle Video

During Nokia World 2009, we had a chance to fondle Nokia’s latest and greatest Maemo device, the N900. The new Maemo interface is still a mystery to many of us, since we only had time to play with it for a couple of minutes, and we’re not really sure how it’ll behave under everyday usage.

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Sony Ericsson Satio (Idou) Photo Gallery

The Sony Ericsson Satio, previously known as the Idou, has been announced as a concept device during Mobile World Congress 2009. At the time, the mere idea of introducing a 12MP camera in a smartphone was baffling, and it received a lot of praise from the general public, although many were wondering whether or not the Idou will see the light of day as a production device.
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Nokia BH-905 Bluetooth Headset Live Pics

The Nokia BH-905 is a groundbreaking Stereo bluetooth headset and it comes fully loaded for its premium price tag . The headset is compatible with an wide variety of devices and can even be used on the Airplane if you want to ditch the lackluster ones provided by the Airlines who are always on the Cost-cutting mode.  We have already elaborated a lot about this flagship bluetooth accessory from Nokia. Now enjoy the pics after the jump. We have a video coming up soon.
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Nokia XSeries in Pictures

nokia x6 and x3 front

The Nokia XSeries is the latest range of music and entertainment devices from Nokia and was initially leaked in a trademark filing and was officially announced at NokiaWorld. Two phones the X6 and the X3 were announced . The former being a high-end offering and the latter being a low-end offering.  But both  the phones carry the same design story of the X-Series as you can see in the pictures. Continue reading “Nokia XSeries in Pictures”

Pictures from Nokia Music Bootcamp Bangalore

Here are some pictures from the Nokia Music Bootcamp event that happened in Bangalore on Wednesday. Well the event was about the Nokia Music Store which was discussed about but the surprise package was Singer Sona who gave a Live Performance and apparently her next album is going to be launched exclusively on the Nokia Music Store in India.

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