Droid Autofocus bug is the weirdest bug. Ever.


One of the main gripes of Motorola’s latest flagship beast is it’s problem with getting a proper auto focus with its 5 Mp shooter. This has been the case since it’s launch and it now seems, to have been magically(through a silent over-the-air update actually) to have been fixed, until the 11th of December that is.  The strange thing is that according to Dan Morrill, from Google’s Android team, the bug is related to a time-stamp bug:

According to Google Engineer Dan Morrill, there is an unfortunate bug in the Droid’s auto focus routine. It improperly rounds a timestamp used in the calculations, which somehow throws the entire focusing process off. Today it works, and tomorrow it will work…but 24.5 days from now, the bug will be back.” Continue reading “Droid Autofocus bug is the weirdest bug. Ever.”

Are new operating systems in the smart phone field hurting Nokia?

My friend, Ranesh Kumar considered picking up a new Nokia handset before he heard about the new Motorola Droid. Just last week, he bought two Motorola Droids from Verizon, one for himself and one for his fiancée.

Nokia_e70Ranesh was a Nokia fan for a long time and had owned few Nokia’s including an E70. But he made the transition to Verizon for a decent deal on a Voyager two years ago (because he likes qwerty keyboards and that was the only one he liked at the time). Ranesh couldn’t wait for a decent Nokia device to hit the market he liked, so he took the plunge. When he tested out the N97, he was terribly disappointed with the overall OS and decided to hold out for the Christmas season of this year to see what was around the corner and settled on the Motorola Droid running the Android 2.0 OS. Continue reading “Are new operating systems in the smart phone field hurting Nokia?”

Motorola Droid Enjoys Great Sales!


Motorola might be on the road to recovery with their new handset. The Motorola Droid which is the company’s first Google Android device and an Apple iPhone Competitor.

The device had tremendous hype even before its release starting with rumours, leaked pictures etc. Now a week has passed since it’s release and sources say that Motorola might have sold as many as 100,000 Motorola Droid phones over the weekend. Continue reading “Motorola Droid Enjoys Great Sales!”

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Official Pics


Many analysts have called it the game over for Sony Ericsson but this is not stopping the folks at SE from innovating.The SE Satio was an impressive handset considering the Symbian implementation. And now the SE Xperia X10 with Android. Nice to see a brands going with multiple platforms these days. All this means healthy competition and more choice for the consumer. Hope prices are realistic !  Here are some SE X10 pics straight from the SE HQ
Continue reading “Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Official Pics”

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is Official – First Android Phone from SE

After a lot of leaks and excitement about Sony Ericsson going the Android  route , The Xperia X10 is finally out today and its official as the first Android phone from SE. The specs are pretty impressive and the handset looks cool too

Sony-Xperia_X10_PP_Sensuous_Black Continue reading “Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is Official — First Android Phone from SE”

Sony Ericsson Rachel Rumours!


Well the day is finally here. Sony Ericsson is set to unveil the Sony Ericsson Rachel/XPERIA X10. There have been numerous leaks on the internet about the device.

Even Sony Ericsson had given us some sneak previews of the phone. So we decided to refresh your mind with details, pictures and videos of the phone before it’s announcement.

First things first. Sony Ericsson has created a site called What’s Next as a sneak preview to the XPERIA X10. Continue reading “Sony Ericsson Rachel Rumours!”

Google Adds Turn by Turn Navigation. Releases Maps Navigation for Android 2.0

nav-overview-1 nav-overview-4 nav-overview-5

Lots of people including Me have heavily relied on Google Maps Mobile to get directions to any unknown place that we may land upon. However, sometimes getting only the directions don’t work since you cannot see them while you are driving. Continue reading “Google Adds Turn by Turn Navigation. Releases Maps Navigation for Android 2.0”

Samsung Galaxy i7500 comes to India on Tata Docomo

Tata Docomo and Samsung have teamed up to bring the first Samsung Android phone to India – the Samsung Galaxy I7500 which also happens to be the worlds thinnest Android powered phone at 11.9 mm thickness


Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy i7500 comes to India on Tata Docomo”

First Images of Android Powered XPERIA X3 leaked

Xperia X3 Live Pics 1

The first pictures of the forthcoming Sony Ericsson XPERIA X3 codenamed “Rachael” have been leaked and looking at the pictures, the phone does look damn interesting.

Considering the fact that this phone will be Android based and sports a  huge 4″ screen and a 1GHZ Processor, it has created quite a buzz with all the mobile enthusiasts. Also seeing at the pics, it can also be observed that the phone is nearing towards a worldwide launch soon.

So all you XPERIA fans, drool on!

Android 1.6 SDK is now available for download


The Android Team has just released its SDK for Android 1.6 codenamed “The Donut”.

So whats new in the “The Donut“:

  1. It now has support for both CDMA as well as GSM.
  2. It now supports more screen resolutions, which in return will allow Android apps to work on more devices.
  3. The new APIs include a gestures framework and text-to-speech engine.
  4. Donut now provides access to the new and improved Android Market.
  5. It now provides a Quick Search Box for Donut Users, which allows searching directly from the home screen with suggested results while a person is typing.

Devices with Android 1.6 running are expected to be out as early as October ’09. Apps developed for older versions of Android will continue to run on Android 1.6. However do test your existing apps on the Android 1.6 SDK to make sure they run as expected.

Android Team also added that over the next several weeks, they will publish a series of blog posts to help the developers get ready for the new developer technologies in Android 1.6.  The topics on which posts will be covered are:

  1. How to adapt your applications to support different screen sizes
  2. Integrating with Quick Search Box
  3. Building gestures into your apps and
  4. Using the text-to-speech engine.

Download Android 1.6 SDK

In the meantime you can also check the official video of Android 1.6 along with its new features below: