OnePlus 5T Review

OnePlus 5T_fonearena-15

Lately, the Chinese handset maker OnePlus has been in the headlines for pulling off some amazing stunts in the premium smartphone segment. However, this doesn’t end here, as the company, again, arguably, announced the upgrade of the current OnePlus 5 flagship in a gap of just five months. Dubbed as OnePlus 5T, it is a mid-cycle refresh after the OnePlus 5, offering an 18:9 aspect ratio display, improved camera, and of course the new advanced facial recognition technology. So, should you be pissed or excited about this upgrade? Let’s check it out. Continue reading “OnePlus 5T Review”

In Questions: Google Pixel Camera Q&A with Brian Rakowski & Tim Knight

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Here at FoneArena, we are big fans of the Pixel camera and all that Google has been able to accomplish using a mixture of computational photography and machine learning. That’s not to say that the camera is perfect of course. We recently got a chance to sit down for a group session with Brian Rakowski and Tim Knight from Google. Continue reading “In Questions: Google Pixel Camera Q&A with Brian Rakowski & Tim Knight”

OnePlus 5T vs OnePlus 5 – What’s New

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OnePlus today introduced its flagship OnePlus 5T smartphone. The upgraded version comes just five months after the launch of OnePlus 5 , which was arguably one of the best smartphones in the market.  Having said that, the OnePlus 5T is a mid-cycle refresh, offering a better display, improved camera, rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, facial recognition technology and much more. What has changed in the successor? Let’s check it out.
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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Review

Mi Mix 2 -2

The Mi Mix 2 sits a class apart in Xiaomi’s line up. Sure, there have been flagship grade phones like the Mi5 and Mi6 but the Mix is where we saw a degree of design innovation that was unprecedented. After years of being called out for aping Apple’s design ethos, Xiaomi finally had a device that wasn’t just all of its own but was breaking ground. While the original was relegated to China, the second generation hardware is spearheading the company’s entry into markets world over. Enter the Mi Mix 2. More refined, more powerful and yes, finally available in India. Continue reading “Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Review”

Best Smartphones Under 10000 in India (Updated on October 2017)

Best Android Smartphone under 10000

Which is the best smartphone for Rs.10000?

Best Android smartphone for Rs.10000?

Suggest a smartphone for Rs.10000?

These are the questions, we are often asked about on social media platforms and Youtube channels. In a way of addressing these questions and to make your life more relaxed, we have researched and narrowed down 10 smartphones that you can consider, before confirming your purchase decisions. The below list is purely based on the performance and “Value For Money” factor. The smartphones below are ranked randomly and the number means nothing. Do have a look at it. Continue reading “Best Smartphones Under 10000 in India (Updated on October 2017)”

Nokia 8 Review: The Reliable Flagship

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It’s probably fair to say that there’s a bit of nostalgia associated with the Nokia brand. Most cellphone enthusiasts have sported one at some point in their life and others continue to swear by the legacy of the brand. There was a collective hurrah in the tech reviewer/journalist/blogger community when HMD Global first announced its comeback. Rooting for the underdog while maintaining a degree of skepticism, it was a bit disappointing to see the entry-level, mid-range offerings at MWC. The question on everyone’s mind was obvious. Where’s our flagship, Nokia? Fast forward 6 months and the company has delivered. The Nokia 8 is here and is raring to recapture the throne. Continue reading “Nokia 8 Review: The Reliable Flagship”

List of Jio 4G LTE and VoLTE Compatible Smartphones (Updated on Oct 2017)


Since the inception of Reliance Jio, the way we use mobile data has been drastically changed both in terms of quality and cost. However, it can often be confusing to find out just which phones are compatible and whether you need to change your phone or not. So we’ve decided to bring the Jio supported phones list to make the job easier for you.

Having said that not all the 4G smartphones support VoLTE, where some of them have to use Jio Join App for making voice calls on Jio 4G network.

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Best Smartphones Under 15000 in India (Updated on October 2017)

Best Smartphones Under 15000 in India

Which is the best smartphone for Rs.15000?

Best Android smartphone for Rs.15000?

Suggest a smartphone for Rs.15000

India being an economic smartphone market, these are the questions we are often asked about. In fact, this is the sweet spot to invest on a smartphone as you get almost all the feature that you get on high-end devices, but with very few compromises. Continue reading “Best Smartphones Under 15000 in India (Updated on October 2017)”

Xiaomi Mi A1 Review

Xiaomi Mi A1_fonearena-16

After a long gap, Google introduced an Android One smartphone in partnership with Chinese handset maker Xiaomi in the Indian market. Aiming at the mid-range segment, Xiaomi launched Mi A1 smartphone, which is the global variant of the Mi 5X that was introduced in China back in July. How good is the phone? Let us find out in the review. Continue reading “Xiaomi Mi A1 Review”

LG Q6 Hands On and Photo Gallery

LG Q6_fonearena-5

LG launched its Q6 smartphone in India recently. The phone is a toned down version of the flagship LG G6 with a similar Full Vision display. We have got our hands on the phone so let’s take a look at the hardware and specifications of the phone. Continue reading “LG Q6 Hands On and Photo Gallery”

LG Q6 Review

LG Q6_fonearena-1

After the critically acclaimed flagship smartphone, LG’s plan to cater the Indian mid-range market came in the form of LG Q6 with Full vision display at a considerable price point.

To give a heads up about the mobile, it has a 5.5-inch FHD+ FullVision display with 18:9 aspect ratio, has facial recognition and military grade durability. Considering the decent specification at a reasonable price, is LG Q6 a true winner? Let’s find it out. Continue reading “LG Q6 Review”

Apple iPad Pro 10.5 Review – The best tablet money can buy

Apple iPad Pro 10.5_fonearena-01

The iPad was not the first tablet to be launched in the market. Several players had tried and failed in the tablet category. The iPad managed to become so popular and became a golden standard for the tablet market. 2017 marks the 7th anniversary of the iPad and over time interest in tablets has declined and the excitement around the iPad has reduced.

7 years later, Apple has managed to get consumers excited again with the introduction of the new iPad Pro devices and iOS 11 which gives a fresh lease of life for even older iPads models. Apple introduced the iPad Pro 10.5 at WWDC in June and this device replaced the iPad Pro 9.7. Here is my review of the iPad Pro 10.5 after using it for the past few weeks.

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