Out Now! New and Improved – Nokia Software Update Site

Hi all. Say hello to a new and pleasing Nokia update website. Yes, nokia has thrown out a new and revamped update website. The new site has several features and they have been crafted with a niche for even the minute details. Unlike previously when we were put through a rigorous and confusing options of having to update the phone for its latest software the new site offers just that in nothing but few clicks and there you are updating the device and its a breeze.

Upon visiting the site you are welcomes by this : its so elegant and neat. Do have to appreciate the designers for their efforts. It has never been so simple.

As you can see, it gives you the choice to choose your device based on either the thumbnail view or the text list. Continue reading “Out Now! New and Improved — Nokia Software Update Site”

Nike launches new iPhone application A must for soccer fans !

Nike has launched a mobile application called Nike Goal.  The application targets Italians who love soccer as well as Nike as a brand.

The iPhone application is an extension of the company’s Nikefootball.com site.

“The purpose of the application is to provide a free service to Italian football [soccer] fans who want to stay connected to the game and the teams and players they support,” said Martina Zavagno, digital marketing and ecommerce manager at Nike Italy. “For us at Nike, connecting with our consumers by providing them great, innovative products and services is a must,” Ms. Zavagno said. “Nike Goal has been launched with this in mind. Nike’s consumers expect us always to be ahead of the game,” she said. “Nike Goal is our kickoff of the game on the iPhone platform. The application right now provides just basic services, but we see it as a starting point. We have a lot of ideas in mind, but we want to grow gradually, adding features and services our consumers want to see on the application.”

Available in Italian and English, the application will soon cover the European Football Championships in the early part of this year.


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Apple iPhone Most Selling Phone in USA = Worst in India

Apple iPhone might have broken records with respect to sales , market share etc.in USA market over the past 1.5 years since its launch in June 2007 at MacWorld

The first gen phone was launched at 399 and 499 USD including the 16GB version which we unboxed for you.

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Is Apple iPhone Nano coming soon

Rumours are rife about the launch of a smaller version of the iPhone called the Nano in the near future…some speculate as early as Q4 of 2008 (which ends in March 2009).

It is also predicted by these analysts that the Nano will be cheaper than the iPhone.

According to Kevin Chang, a JP Morgan analyst based in Taiwan, Apple is actually looking to “launch a cheaper version of the iPhone in the fourth quarter that could be based on its iPod Nano music player.”

Now this is good news for Indian mobile lovers. Considering the hype surrounding India as one of the fastest developing mobile markets in the world, it can be assumed that the Nano (if launched) will make it to Indian markets soon. Continue reading “Is Apple iPhone Nano coming soon”

Downloadable mobile application for iPhone users by Kraft Foods

The iFood Assistant, an iPhone and iPod touch application was launched by Kraft Foods, the world’s No. 2 food company recently. It offers consumers access to food and meal-planning ideas. The application targets consumers on the go looking for recipes.

The application can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for installation on any iPhone or iPod touch.

“Our goal is to help make consumers’ lives easier by helping them find the perfect food idea for any occasion, create quick shopping lists and find the nearest grocery store – all just a finger-tap away,” said Ed Kaczmarek, director of innovation for new services at Kraft.

The iFood Assistant includes more than 7,000 tested, searchable recipes with detailed instructions and video demonstrations and an alternative horizontal view to follow along while cooking. Continue reading “Downloadable mobile application for iPhone users by Kraft Foods”

Nokia 5800 vs the Apple iPhone 3G

After the comparison between G1 and the iPhone we at Fonearena had presented, here is our comparison of Nokia 5800 with the Apple iPhone 3G

As we had mentioned earlier, regardless of the outcome of the comparative study, Apple should sure be proud of its achievement – of the iPhone setting the benchmark for all future super phones.

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iPhone in trouble! Suit filed against Apple and AT&T for ‘defects’ in the iPhone

Apple Inc. and AT&T Mobility LLC are being dragged to court by Avi Koschitzki who claims that the iPhone 3G is defective.

The suit was moved from the Nassau County Supreme Court, the state court where it was filed by plaintiff, to a federal court in the Eastern District of New York. The primary complaints are with the allegedly easily breakable casing and spotty 3G network coverage.

“The 3G iPhones do not and cannot adequately perform due to the insufficient 3G bandwidths and AT&T infrastructure,” the suit says. The suit is “based upon information and belief that the 3G iPhones demand too much power from the 3G bandwidths and the AT&T infrastructure is insufficient to handle this overwhelming 3G signal based on the high volume of 3G iPhones it and Apple have sold,” the suit says.

The class-action suit may include consumers that bought defective iPhones designed, marketed, manufactured, distributed and sold by the defendants. Continue reading “iPhone in trouble! Suit filed against Apple and AT&T for ‘defects’ in the iPhone”

Is The iPhone The Ultimate Windows Mobile Device?

It seems that the most unethical application for the iPhone has already been built, or has it? MyPhone2008 has an interview with Erik Kristiansen, a Norwegian developer, who claims to have managed to run Windows Mobile on the iPhone. The application seems like Bootcamp which is currently available on all Apple’s Mac computers, and allows you to run Windows XP or Vista when you first launch your Mac. Eric demonstrates the application which hits in the moment you turn the iPhone on, and presents you with 2 icons: an Apple icon which of course will launch the iPhone’s default OS, Mac OSX; as well as a Windows icon which will launch Windows Mobile 6 from the looks of it.

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An Anti-iPhone Legislation In The Netherlands?

Up until now, the non-removable battery of the iPhone was just an issue that some some people pointed out as a serious problem and Apple just ignored. But it is likely to become much more significant now, due to a new legislation in the Netherlands. According to Tweakers.net (dutch text), this new law forbids selling any electronic device with a non-removable or hard to remove battery, due to recycling difficulties. Also, any electronic device should have clearly stated in its manual a way to remove the battery. T-Mobile, Netherlands’ iPhone carrier, should still be able to sell its stock of iPhone handsets, but imports of new devices will be forbidden.

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How Nokia might win the Touchscreen War in India !

Ever since Steve Jobs rolled out the iPhone in Jan’07 MacWorld, mobile phone manufacturers were highly uncomfortable of missing the touch screen bandwagon.
The Finnish mobile giant is now armouring its artillery with Nokia 5800 a touch screen gizmo code named “tube”.With just three physical buttons and equipped with 8GB microSD memory card it can be further expanded up to 16GB. Unlike the iPhone the 5800 will not zoom out at the finger touch on the screen. Continue reading “How Nokia might win the Touchscreen War in India !”

Obama ’08: Barack Obama’s Official iPhone & iPod Application

US Democratic candidate Barack Obama has become mobile-savvy and is using Apple iPhone as a political recruiting tool. Obama ’08 is provides official, comprehensive data on Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s campaign. It provides instant access to Barack’s positions on important issues, as well as local and national campaign news as it happens.

Barack Obama's Official iPhone & iPod Application

Key features of Obama ’08 for iPhone include:

  • Call Friends: A great volunteering tool that lets you make a difference any time you want by talking to people you already know. Your contacts are prioritized by key battleground states, and you can make calls and organize results all in one place.

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Apple debuts iPhone OS Version 2.2 Beta with Mobile Safari & App Store Redesign

Apple last week began testing iPhone OS v2.2 beta 1, the next software update for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch devices, reports Apple Insider.

Some of the key changes/updates include:

– The new iteration of MobileSafari eschews the magnifying glass and refresh buttons at the top of the screen, instead displaying the URL bar and search fields side-by-side, much like the desktop version of Safari. Page refreshes are now accomplished via a tiny icon located inside the URL bar.

– The Google search field in mobile Safari has been moved to the immediate right of the address bar . Currently you need to tap the address bar to bring up the Google search field.

iPhone 2.2 OS Continue reading “Apple debuts iPhone OS Version 2.2 Beta with Mobile Safari & App Store Redesign”

HTC G1 Google mobile in comparison with iPhone

Apple should sure be proud. iPhone is slowly becoming the benchmark for hi-tech handsets. After Nokia N96, it is now the turn of HTC T-Mobile, Google’s Android to be compared to the iPhone.

Features of HTC T-Mobile G1:

Multimedia – Audio, photo taking and storing, games, applications

Internet/Software – Wi-fi, web browser, Android applications, YouTube, GPS, personal email

Input Method – Touch screen (not multi-touch), QWERTY keyboard, trackball

Memory – 1GB, microSD (expandable to 8GB)

Display Size (diagonal) – 3.17 inches

Dimensions – 4.60 X 2.16 X 0.62

Connectivity – Bluetooth, External USB

Battery life – 130 hours standby, 5 hours talk time

Carrier – T mobile

Camera – 3 MP

Colours – White, brown, black Continue reading “HTC G1 Google mobile in comparison with iPhone”

Will you get your Vodafone iPhone on easy instalments?

The price of the 3G iPhone stumped those who were eagerly awaiting its launch in India. To counter the ‘non-affordability’ factor doing the rounds among buyers, Vodafone has decided to offer the handset of easy 6 monthly or 12 monthly instalments.

It is rumoured that the company is holding talks with financial institutions to initiate a tie-up.

At the current rate of interest, we envisage an EMI of up to Rs 7000 for 6 months and at least Rs 4000 for a 12 month scheme. Steep for a handset we would say!!! Continue reading “Will you get your Vodafone iPhone on easy instalments?”

Nokia N96 Vs Apple iPhone – Indians are the lucky lot this season!

The latest debate is whether the newly launched Nokia N96 is any competition to the Apple iPhone.

While the two handsets are very competitively priced Nokia will be in the range of Rs 32,000 – 36,000 and iPhone through Vodafone will cost Rs 31,000 and Rs 36,000), we think that Nokia N96 wins hands down. Nokia has a proven ability that makes it the market leader in cell phones. And not without reason. Nokia phones are viewed as “reliable, long lasting and technologically advanced.”

The iPhone on the other hand has a technical saleability, but lacks in features especially in comparison with the N96.

The only major difference between the two handsets we see is the lack of a touch screen in the N96. Else, N96 scores over the iPhone on several counts.

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