Apple iPhone 16GB now official

The 16gb version of the iPhone which was making rounds of rumors on the internet has finally proved to be true .

Apple has launched its 16GB version of the iPhone today.

It will set u back by 499$  . Its 100 more than the 8 GB version

“For some users, there’s never enough memory,” said Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide iPod and iPhone Product Marketing. “Now people can enjoy even more of their music, photos and videos on the most revolutionary mobile phone and best Wi-Fi mobile device in the world.”

The new 16GB iPhone is available immediately through the Apple Store, Apple’s retail stores and AT&T retail and online stores.

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iGoogle Updated for iPhone

iphone igoogleiGoogle and iPhone have something in common. No, no I am not talking about the “i”. The popularity of iPhone is widespread and people in different regions are waiting for the iPhone to launch, the grey market in flooded with unlocked iPhones. iPhone being a one of its kind device, which helps you make calls, listen to music and also access Internet. Continue reading “iGoogle Updated for iPhone”

First iPhone Trojan is out


The First iPhone Trojan is out !!!, a forum dedicated to iPhone modification, had initially issued warnings about this Trojan. When the Trojan enters the iPhone it just displays the word “shoes”. Symantec reports that the moment you try to uninstall the Trojan it will delete the bin files on your iPhone and it also overwrites some kind of source code inside the iPhone. This Trojan is called, “iPhone firmware 1.1.3 prep” Continue reading “First iPhone Trojan is out”

Home Automation: Control it through your mobile


We have been hearing and reading of “intelligent” homes where you can control everything with the click of a button. Turn on the geyser at the stipulated hour and turn it off too; a system that ensures your coffee brews by itself and the curtains in your bedroom draw automatically at dusk; lights turn on when you walk into the bathroom and the flush is activated when you get off the seat.

Unimaginable? Unbelievable? But wait…there is more!

All these systems can be controlled through the internet; so whether you are at work or out of town, you can log into your home and check if the LPG valve in your kitchen is turned off; or activate your intrusion alarm system to keep burglars away. Continue reading “Home Automation: Control it through your mobile”

10 Reasons why the Apple iPhone wont hit India

Apple iPhone is creating waves across the globe and the Time magazine has named the iphone as the invention of the year of 2007

No doubt that iPhone is a great device , Its a revolutionary phone – much more than a phone

But the sad part is that the iPhone has not come to India so far. Its available in the Grey markets for under Rs.30,000 but without warranty. Anyone buying it / already bought it ? I wanted to highlight why the iPhone wont be coming soon to India.

Users dont spend much on Value Added Services

I was just comparing the various mobile markets in the world where the iPhone has been introduced – USA, UK,Germany and France. These markets are places where purchasing power is more. In this context Im referring to the amount of cash the users burn on their mobile phones and related services such as ringtones,songs etc. We Indians spend a lot on phones for sure but mainly for calls and messages nothing more. Continue reading “10 Reasons why the Apple iPhone wont hit India”

iPhone eats up Windows Mobile market share


The Americans went crazy over iPhone, when it was launched. People were sitting outside the retail stores for 2 to 3 days to get their hands on this innovative gadget. iPhone’s popularity has been reflected in the recent Smart phone Market Study done by Canalys, a prominent research firm. Continue reading “iPhone eats up Windows Mobile market share”

Apple iPhone 3G and MacWorld coming in 2008


The entire world has witnessed the recent hype and craze Apple products like iPod, iPhone have generated and why not, they both are one of the most innovative and happening gadgets of the last decade. Apple iPhone became so popular that Apple had to put limit on the number of iPhones a person is buying.

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HTC has sold 800,000 Touch phones

Htc-touch-Taiwanese phone maker HTC is claiming to have sold 800,000 Touch phones worldwide.

Apple recently crossed the 1 million or 10,00,000 mark in iPhone sales. The HTC Touch has not yet hit America and is available only in Europe and Asia.

TouchScreen phones are a craze now after the iPhone wave. Actually the HTC touch came to the market even before June -29th 2007 – the iPhone launch.

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Apple cuts iPhone price by 200 USD

Apple has reduced the price the iPhone 8GB edition to 399 USD from 599 USD.

Thats a sharp 33 % decline price in the phone within 2 months of the launch on  June 29th.

Apple is giving a free $100 voucher to customers who had paid $599 for the same device.

This move was because many consumers were angry with Apple for making them pay extra for the same device just months back.

The price cut coincides with the announcement of new music devices like the iPod Touch and the New iPod Nano.

We speculate that the iPhone will hit the $200 mark by the time it hits Asia and India.

gPhone the iPhone killer

We had posted earlier last year about a Google Phone Under works

Some reports suggest that Google has shown a prototype device to phone manufacturers.

Eric Schmidt of Google has known to have spoken earlier about Ad supported Free phones for users

The Google phone or Gphone might reach markets within a year.

The search engine giant does believe in a Mobile Future and has big plans for the same.

Google works with Operators and Manufacturers to bundle its products like search and mail

It has not denied rumors about the G phone plans.

The gPhone might be a iPhone killer . The gPhone will have Gmail, Gmail and Search all preloaded.

Lets wait for some official confirmation.



Apple iPhone might be available in India soon

Reliance Retail is trying hard to launch India’s first Apple store.

No official confirmation from both sides yet but looks like talks are on.

Recently HCL and Wipro have started in their quest to bring the Iphone to India.

HCL is already a nationwide distributor for Nokia.

So its time to start saving for the iPhone

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Zune phone is coming

Apple’s iPod was a winner. Microsoft Zune entered the market after iPod Nano and is still struggling hard for market share. Now after the official launch of Apple’s iPhone, who knows , Microsoft might be putting together the Zune Phone.

some info

  • might not run windows mobile
  • mostly sport zune/ xbox interface
  • might not be available until early next year

Folks !! iPhone is coming in June

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iPhone GUI based Iphony for Palm forces Apple to threaten Blogger

The iPhone fever seems to have hit some Palm addicts.

There was a iPhone like launcher utility which was launched a certain while ago. Its called Iphony.

But Apple seems to have taken this seriously and forced a blogger to remove links to the App.

Folks , you can head over here to see the video:PDA Mexico

via: [engadgetmobile]