New Nokia Swivel Handset Leaked!

FCC has recently passed a new Nokia phone (RM-526). The phones picture/sketch got leaked and a friend of mine has made a picture in which he took the leaked picture and created a sketch to show us what the phone looks like. The phone is rumoured to be a CDMA phone for Verizion in America. Continue reading “New Nokia Swivel Handset Leaked!”

Ever Wondered What are the 2 Digit Codes In SMS you Receive?

Its more than a month that I was receiving promotional SMSs on my GMS number from various service providers and various utility services like Bill payments services, ICICI bank, SBI, Honda Motors but one thing I was noticing since last few days was, along with the company’s name in the sender field, I used to get a 2 digit Alpha code prefixed like AK-SBI, BM-ICICI. Have you ever wondered what are they? Recently I came across a release wherein I got to know that these 2 digit prefix are actually codes using which you can locate where the SMSs are originated from. The first alphabet reveals the operator name and the second alphabet on the code reveals area from where the message has been originated.

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Nokia Beta Labs Mobile Site Launched

Even though it was possible to browse Nokia Beta Labs on mobile devices earlier, it was a tough task. So the folks at Nokia decided to launch a mobile optimised Nokia Beta Labs Website.

The Nokia Beta Labs Blog has also been renewed. The mobile version of the site although with minor bugs is not perfect and they are working on fixing all the problems. Continue reading “Nokia Beta Labs Mobile Site Launched”

Nokia 5800 Hidden Theme Effects

Today I was just exploring my phone as usual, when I found out a completely unseen area in Themes Section, called as “Theme Effects”. Inquisitively, I just turned it on and checked the changes it made. Man O Man, I thanks my stars for that. The effects were truly amazing, the look and feel has now changed almost drastically, It has all this cascading, slide down, from behind effects which is usually seen on an iPhone.

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Mumbai can cheer. MTNL 3G service to launch today

After much wait and several delays (From December 2008 end launch to February to April end and now finally mid May), MTNL will finally launch its 3G service ‘Jadoo’ in Mumbai today.

MTNL’s Chairman and Managing Director R.S.P Sinha will launch the 3G service at south Mumbai’s five star Hotel Taj President. To launch the 3G service in Mumbai, MTNL has already set up 720 base transceiver stations in the Mumbai Circle.

This comes as good news for MTNL mobile users who did not succumb to switching over to a private operator. While MTNL has not revealed the pricing of the service yet, it is certain that services such as Video calling, Video conferencing, and Rich Multimedia experience, Video on demand, Mobile Internet speeds up to 7 mbps and Mobile TV will now be accessible to users. Continue reading “Mumbai can cheer. MTNL 3G service to launch today”

Bharti Airtel reaches 100 Million Customers

New Delhi, Delhi, India, Friday, May 15, 2009 –Bharti Airtel becomes the 3rd largest single country mobile services operator in the world and 6th largest single country integrated telco in the world

— Announces a series of Network augmentation and Customer service initiatives
– To roll out over 100,000 BTS sites across the country
– To establish a State of the Art Customer Service Management Centre
– 100,000 Airtel Service Centres to be set up in rural India by March 2010

Bharti Airtel, Asia’s leading Integrated Telecom services provider, today announced that it has crossed the 100 million customers mark. This milestone makes the company the 3rd largest single country mobile services operator and sixth largest in-country integrated telecom operator in the world. Continue reading “Bharti Airtel reaches 100 Million Customers”

Nokia N86 8MP Price and Release Date revealed in UK

The pricing and release date of the Nokia N86 8MP has been revealed. It has been revealed by the UK based trading site Play.

The pre-order price is 399GBP including delivery to the UK. The price is equivalent to 445 Euros or 610 US Dollars. The price is for pre-order so the users who buy it now will receive the first handsets. The final release price should be lower. The price is already quite good and this is for the sim-free black colour Nokia N86 8MP. Continue reading “Nokia N86 8MP Price and Release Date revealed in UK”

Nokia is Calling All Innovators to Develop Apps

Nokia has kicked off its new venture CallingallInnovators which is a strong platform for all nokia apps developers to leverage their talents and hard work.


Here is what Nokia has got to say about its new idea:

This is your chance to show your talent, let your creativity bloom, and even see your application on millions of Nokia devices around the world.

Forum Nokia, Nokia’s global developer program, challenges mobile and web application developers worldwide to submit best-in-class applications for use on Nokia devices. Continue reading “Nokia is Calling All Innovators to Develop Apps”

Blackberry Storm 2 with Wi-fi is in the works

We were all cursing RIM for Blackberry Storm not having Wi-Fi

We pay so much for a hi-end touchscreen smart phone and no Wi-fi ?

Who cares if it can even control a Formula 1 Car

Now folks at Crackberry have posted some highly credible pictures of the BB Storm 2

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Loop Mobile Launches Operations in Orissa Chennai Circle


Loop mobile soft launched its services in Orissa a few days ago, and it already started working in Orissa a few days back.

But it has now officially announced the launch of its services in Orissa and Chennai circles. During the launch the company officials also said, they are not going to limit their services only in these 3 circles but soon people across the country will have the opportunity to use Loop mobile. Continue reading “Loop Mobile Launches Operations in Orissa Chennai Circle”

The Nokia E75 In All Its Glory

Varun showed you last week the Nokia E75 in a steaming tea pot and promised that there would be more E75 action on Fone Arena. Well, here it is. It’s a picture gallery showing the Nokia E75 in all its double keypad form factor, and gleaming metallic and rubberized plastic glory. The E75 is Nokia’s latest and most anticipated Eseries device, carrying on the design language that has done wonders with the Nokia E71. We will post a video review of the Nokia E75 later, but we’ll leave you now with the pictures of this amazingly gorgeous handset (click on the thumbnails for the full pictures in 12MP of awesomeness). The front of the E75 features a good 2.4″ screen as well as the usual T9 keypad, with 2 applications shortcuts next to the D-pad: they are the ones labeled with a Messaging icon and with a Calendar icon. E75 1 E75 1 The top of the device only has the 3.5mm headset plug, that you can use to connect the headphones that come in the E75’s box, or your own preferred set of headphones. Continue reading “The Nokia E75 In All Its Glory”

Nokia Starts Discount Sales at Nokia Flagship Stores in USA


Last year Varun visited the Nokia Flagship store in Chicago

These flagship stores demo all their products and also sell phones and accessories.

Its been learnt that , Nokia is kicking off a discount sale of its popular smart phones at these stores. Continue reading “Nokia Starts Discount Sales at Nokia Flagship Stores in USA”