Airtel launching 3G services in India

After the Indian government gave green flag to launching 3G services in India, Airtel has taken this story further. The company will be launching 3G services soon. Airtel has recently tested 3G applications with various suppliers and will be soon launching 3G services in India. Initially the company will be launching these services in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore cause these are the 2 places where Airtel has testes their 3G applications, reports Economic Times. The DoT will be allotting 3G spectrum to various mobile service players in India and Airtel will be taking good advantage of this opportunity. Airtel has also partnered with SingTel who has experience is offering 3G services. By the way, many countries have started adopting 4G when India is on its way to embrace 3G but I am sure that India will catch up soon.

Bad news for BlackBerry users

The DoT (Department of Telecommunications) Government of India has issued a stern warning to telecom companies to put the required security system in place within 15 days or stop the services.

Officials in DoT said a directive had been issued to service providers to work with officials of Blackberry licensor Research in Motion (RIM) of Canada to provide fool-proof security system.

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3G iPhone Coming

The stories of 3G iPhone in the process of being launched are hotting up day by day. First it was an Analyst from Gartner who said that Apple has given order of 10 million 3G iPhones. The moment this news came out people went mad and then guys at Gartner realized that they might have started a fire which might be very difficult to curb if it goes on spreading. Continue reading “3G iPhone Coming”

iPhone, the india connection

The iPhone has created ripples across the world and people in countries like India and Canada are eagerly waiting for the iPhone. Apple is also making people long for this sexy touch screen mobile phone, by launching it phase by phase. Though the iPhone has not yet come to India, it is making its way to the Indian shores through the illegal route of grey markets. Continue reading “iPhone, the india connection”

Nokia peps up the 6300 with Wi-Fi calls it 6300i

The Nokia 6300i is out !  Its an upgraded version of the 6300

nokia 6300iThe main features are the presence of Wi-fi and VoIP

The Nokia 6300i allows up to two thousand VoIP-, home-, and mobile numbers to be listed side-by-side and dedicated WLAN and VoIP symbols show the connection status and type of phone call, whether it is using GSM network or VoIP.

Its slim at 12mm and looks like a Nokia phone on a diet ( Battery life woes ?) It promises abt 3.5 hours of talk time Continue reading “Nokia peps up the 6300 with Wi-Fi calls it 6300i”

Apple iPhone news – new version of SDK out !

iphone-sdk.jpgApple is going on path taken by Samsung and Nokia. Like Nokia came up with the Nokia 5500 Sports edition and Samsung recently launching the miCoach phone in partnership with Adidas, Apple has filed many patents till now, which reveals that iPhone will not be less than your personal trainer, only thing is that it cannot talk. In future iPhone will have an enhanced version of the Nike+iPod application also, using a scanning function you will be able to scan food packets to get nutritional info about what you are buying. The built is sensors and accelerometers of the iPhone will make this possible.

Also, one more update from our side is that Apple has released the second beta version of iPhone SDK, which was major hit with developers. The highlight of this version is that, it has Interface builder functionality. Continue reading “Apple iPhone news — new version of SDK out !”

Handwriting Recognition on iPhone

I dont know what but these days everybody is going mad about thinking what Apple is going to do next with their iPhone. First the SDKs came out with game companies talking about iPhone optimized games.Then the news came on Apple patenting a special LCD display for iPhone that can click photos, third party developers are on their way of coming out with cool application of iPhone. The latest news to hit the scene is that Apple is hiring handwriting recognition experts in their Cupertino office

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HTC TyTN II launched in India

HTC TyTN II A new launch..and a hi-fi handset by a pioneering company.

Phew! It’s a high-speed HSDPA handset with a built-in GPS for personal navigation and an adjustable screen angle….just what we needed? Surely!


Specs and features at a glance:

• 2.8-inch colour screen
• QWERTY keyboard
• Tri-band UMTS
• Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE
• 3.5G high speed internet
• HSDPA and WiFi 802.11b/g
• Word Mobile
• Excel Mobile
• PowerPoint Mobile
• Contacts, calendar
• Push e-mail, notes, tasks
• PDF viewer
• Business card scanner
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Apple patents LCD Display

Now a days Apple is everywhere, first it came up with the SDK for iPhone for which developers all over the world were eagerly waiting. Then yesterday I read that a Gartner Analyst who tracks Apple has said that Apple has given orders of 10 million 3G iPhone, another of Apple’s eagerly awaited iPhone variant. Continue reading “Apple patents LCD Display”

Stylish LG KF300 flip phone launched

A Fashion phone that is bound to make waves in the mobile phone circuit, the new LG KF300 has good looks…although it does look like it is aimed exclusively at the ladies.


Specs and features at a glance:

• 2.2-inch QVGA display
• 1.3-inch TFT screen outside
• 128 x 160 pixels External screen
• 240 x 320 pixel 256K colours internal screen Continue reading “Stylish LG KF300 flip phone launched”

Microsoft to develop iPhone Applications

I am sure that, nobody will deny the fact that iPhone, within one year of its launch has, created ripples in the mobile phone market. Everybody wants the iPhone, everybody wants to ride on the popularity of the iPhone, whether it is a third party developer or a mobile service provider. Continue reading “Microsoft to develop iPhone Applications”

New mobile email solution – email@mobile – launched

email@mobile is the first solution of its kind which allows users to register for a new email ID through a mobile phone.
Adroit Claretdene Infotech announced the launch of a new mobile email solution – email@mobile on Monday with which worldwide mobile users can own a free mobile email ID which shall be accessed over any ordinary mobile phone capable of internet browsing.

Users can now use their existing mobile phone with WAP 1.2 and above browser to wirelessly access their new e-mail box as well as register for new email ID through their basic mobile phone.

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