Introducing another Apple iPhone 2009 Rumour – iPhone Video

Some Anonymous source used the contact form on the blog and sent me a pic of what looks like the Apple iPhone 2009. Its not credible . I have never heard from the this guy before. So for now this is another rumour of the next gen iPhone.

You might be interested in the leak of the next gen ipod and iphones

The iPhone 3.0 was  last spotted in hong-kong

The next gen iPhone is expected to be called the iPhone video with TUAW reporting this .

AT&T also upgraded their networks recently to support hi-speed video calling.

Live from Nokia Take-Back Campaign in Chennai

Today is World Environment Day and Nokia had something special in store for us .

We were invited to the launch of the Nokia’s Take-Back initiative in Chennai related to  recycling phones.

The event marked the nationwide roll-out of the Take-Back recycling program in over 15 cities in India.

Nokia will plant a tree for every phone dropped in the Recycle bins spread accross the country

Making Eco-Friendly products and controlling the carbon footprint of phones seems to be one of the goals  of the company

Dr.Ambrish Bakaya , Director Corporate Affairs was present at the event. We had the chance to interview him

Padmashri Shobana , Dancer and Actor was also present at the event and she contributed her old phone for the the cause.

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Orkut gets a Mobile App Finally , Start Writing Scraps on your phone

Orkut has been the most popular social networking website amongst India’s youth.But Facebook has been dominating the mobile social networking space . The Facebook iPhone App is a big hit. They launched a version of S60 phones recently and also mobile web version is usable. Google which released a mobile friendly version of orkut sometime back seems to have understood the need to roll out a dedicated Mobile App for Orkut. Continue reading “Orkut gets a Mobile App Finally , Start Writing Scraps on your phone”

Recycle your Old Mobile Phone at a Nokia Store Pics Inside

We were recently invited to a Nokia Store surrounding the Recycle Phones campaign.

Since old phones are harmful to the environment , Nokia has taken up an initiative to take back old phones .

Its a global campaign called “Take-Back”

Below are some cool hands drawing your attention to give old phones

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Nokia N97 to start selling in India for Rs.35000 on June 23rd

Nokia’s flagship touch-screen handset N97 will be launched nationwide within two weeks at a likely price of around Rs.35,000, the company announced Thursday.

This announcement comes after Nokia HQ announced worldwide availability of the phone

We were lucky to get our hands on this phone.

“The handset is expected to begin shipping in India in the next two weeks,” Vineet Taneja, director-marketing of Nokia India, told reporters here.

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TweetS60 Twitter Client – An Exclusive Review

Until recently, there was no native client for Twitter on Symbian S60. And then Gravity came, Twittix followed it soon and now the market is abuzz with a lot of Symbian twitter clients in the pipeline.

TweetS60 is another native symbian S60 client for twitter from RavenSoft which is currently in private beta and releasing very soon.

But the big news about this client is that, the developers at Ravensoft are also working towards a free version of this client, which is a simply an amazing news for all twitter addicts like me 🙂

I was lucky to be a part of the Private Beta of the client held very recently. So Here I am, with a first hand review of TweetS60 Twitter Client.


The UI is pretty good, I especially loved the colors they have used in all the tabs. It has dedicated tabs for your main twitter timeline, @replies, Direct Messages’s, Your Favorites and Your Messages. You can do all the basic functions like Tweeting, Reply, Retweet, Direct Message, Follow, Unfollow People from the Options menu on the application.

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Google Launches Mobile App for Nokia S60 smartphones

Today Google announced the availability of its Mobile App for S60 Smartphones.

This app lets you access Search, Google Maps, Gmail, and other Google mobile services right from your phone’s home screen with the click of a button.

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Turn your S60 Phone into an iPhone with Mmmooo’s MyPhone

MyPhone is an application shell which can turn the UI of your S60 phone into an iPhone UI. The application has 2 different versions, one for the 3rd Gen Phone like E71, N73, N81 etc and another for 5th Gen Phones like 5800XM and Nokia N97.

The 5th Gen Edition of MyPhone is basically a flash based application with an iPhone kinda UI. But it looks quite impressive with a “Slide to unlock” feature, a Bottom Dock containing shortcuts for “Messages”, “Calls” and “Contacts” and many other shortcuts on the Home Screen as in an iPhone. You can also change to various other homescreens just by sliding forward/backwards on the UI. And if you want to customize the icons, you just have to long press on the icon you want to replace and touch on another icon with which you want to replace it with.

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Some Interesting facts about Nokia.. Did you know?


Well there are some interesting facts about Nokia which I have archived locally and was planning to blog about it since quite long time. So, the time has come and I am going to let you people know some interesting and hilarious facts about the popular handset manufacturer – Nokia. Just go ahead and read this entire post.. Continue reading “Some Interesting facts about Nokia.. Did you know?”

Samsung M8910 Pixon- 12MP Cameraphone!

Samsung has just announced their new phone, the M8910 Pixon which is their first 12MP cameraphone. It will also be the first 12Mp phone to release in the market and will release sometime this month itself! The release is before the Sony Ericsson Satio (Idou) 12MP phone. Continue reading “Samsung M8910 Pixon- 12MP Cameraphone!”

Nokia N97 Now Shipping Straight from the Factory – Video Inside

The Nokia N97 is shipping worldwide this month according to a post on Nokia Conversations Blog.Looks like this will be the final box for this flagship handset . The Video shows you a sneak peek of the assembly line of its manufacturing  facility in Salo, Finland.

An excerpt from their post

“The big news today is that the Nokia N97 is on the move, on the way to shops in 75 countries. It’s really exciting news and, as we usually do, we wanted to capture it on video. Carita, from the Nokia Conversations team, was invited to the Nokia factory in Salo, in southwest Finland, where she was able to watch the Nokia N97 be assembled.

In the video (see below), you can follow Carita’s progress as she follows the Nokia N97 from the assembly table, through packaging, to crating, inspection, batch testing, and onto pallets on the truck.”

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Why I love my BlackBerry

When I bought the BlackBerry 8703e from Reliance in 2007, the one thing I just could not appreciate was the bulky look and the fact that being a “Business phone” it did not have a camera or a media player.

Back then, in the price range of Rs 16,000, and with Reliance as the service provider, this was the best I could purchase.

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iCanHasCheezburger now on Apple iPhone too !


The popular amusing cat photo gallery – “ICanHasCheezburger” now has its presence on the iPhone App store. The free iPhone app for “I can has Cheezeburger” basically pulls hilarious images from its site and amuses its users, doesn’t matter where and in what mood they are. Continue reading “iCanHasCheezburger now on Apple iPhone too !”

Locate Which State/Circle a Call is Coming From [Windows Mobile]


As I am using Windows mobile for quite some time now, I have got to know about many cool applications for Windows Mobile and in this post, I am going to write about one such app using which you can locate where an Incoming call is coming from or where a call has been made to.

You come across situations, wherein you need to immediately track where exactly a call is being originated from or where it has been made to. And frequently, one needs to keep visiting different internet sites to keep track of such anonymous calls. Continue reading “Locate Which State/Circle a Call is Coming From [Windows Mobile]”