JoikuSpot Light – Make your mobile a hotspot

Hello readers, I am Dr. Anirudh Sharma and I will be featuring guest articles here on fonearena. I would like to star my fonearena quest by reviewing a very useful software that you can use to turn your mobile internet to a Wifi hotspot and use it on your laptop. I have been using JoikuSpot Light for sometime now an i will now review it for you about the basic functionality of the software and how to set it up and get going. The software has a basic aim to make you Wi-fi enabled handset as a router. Things you need before starting is a Wi-fi cell phone, a 3G, EDGE or GPRS connection and the JoikuSpot Light software which can be downloaded by Clicking Here>> The Software promises to turn your Nokia phones to a WLAN HotSpot. JoikuSpot software is installed directly to the phone. When switched on, laptops and iPods can establish instant, secure and fast WLAN connection via smartphone’s JoikuSpot HotSpot using phone’s own 3G internet connection.

Screenshot0029 Screenshot0030

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HP to launch new iPhone-competitor TouchScreen Smartphone

Hewlett-Packard, aiming to grow its device business beyond corporate users, is preparing to release a new smart phone targetted at consumers, reports WSJ.

The new device will have a touchscreen, slide out QWERTY keypad and will use Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system. It will be able to send and receive emails, and access the Internet. The phone is the latest version in HP’s iPaq series. Continue reading “HP to launch new iPhone-competitor TouchScreen Smartphone”

Sony Ericsson GreenHeart Environment Friendly Mobile Phone & Warranty

Earlier this week, Sony Ericsson announced a GreenHeart concept phone that focuses on making a mobile phone environmentally sustainable throughout its life cycle.

The GreenHeart is a full concept with all life cycle in mind it includes features such as bio-plastic housings, recycled plastic keypads, zero charger with 3.5mW standby power, HTML based e-manuals, a game style

Environment Friendly Mobile Phone & Warranty

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SanDisk Announces World’s Largest Mobile Phone Memory Card Capacity With 16GB MicroSDHC & M2

SanDisk Corporation has announced the release of its 16GB microSDHC and Memory Stick Micro (M2) mobile memory cards – the world’s largest removable storage capacity for mobile phones.

SanDisk Announces World's Largest Mobile Phone Memory Card Capacity With 16GB MicroSDHC & M2

The fingernail-sized 16GB memory cards allow consumers to utilize the many storage-intensive features offered by today’s portable handsets such as music and video playback, high-definition digital camera functions, gaming and GPS applications. In addition to mobile phones, consumers can use the 16GB microSDHC card in a multitude of other devices, including video cameras, GPS receivers or MP3 players with a microSD slots such as SanDisk’s Sansa players. Continue reading “SanDisk Announces World’s Largest Mobile Phone Memory Card Capacity With 16GB MicroSDHC & M2”

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is officially out

Nokia just unveiled its iPhone competitor Nokia 5800 XpressMusic minutes ago at Nokia Remix London.

We guessed it right as we covered the leaked pictures of this touch phone from Nokia 

October 2nd was supposed to be the launch of the device

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Apple debuts iPhone OS Version 2.2 Beta with Mobile Safari & App Store Redesign

Apple last week began testing iPhone OS v2.2 beta 1, the next software update for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch devices, reports Apple Insider.

Some of the key changes/updates include:

– The new iteration of MobileSafari eschews the magnifying glass and refresh buttons at the top of the screen, instead displaying the URL bar and search fields side-by-side, much like the desktop version of Safari. Page refreshes are now accomplished via a tiny icon located inside the URL bar.

– The Google search field in mobile Safari has been moved to the immediate right of the address bar . Currently you need to tap the address bar to bring up the Google search field.

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AutoSisInstaller – One Click Solution

Do you hate reinstalling all your favorite software’s after you switch devices or update your firmware? Tired of again downloading them to your computer hand then to your device or searching them in some hidden folder, well no more worries as we have just come up with the perfect answer.

Presenting the latest AutoInstaller v1.0 (A New Full Automatic Installer for S60). This new application that offers auto install functionality in a simpler and less buggy way.

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Meizu M8 in India too

Touted as the iPhone killer in the market, the Meizu M8 will be launched sometime in December this year. The good news is that the Taiwan-based distribution company is also planning on an official Indian launch!  

 Specs & features:

  • 105mm x 58mm x 11.8mm (H x W x T)
  • ARM11 667MHz+
  • 3.32″, 16600K, 720×480 pixel resolution, Touchscreen TFT LCD
  • USB 2.0 Ultra Fast Data Transfer
  • 4, 8 or 16GB of built-in memory
  • Windows CE for Meizu M8 (Based on Windows CE 6.0)
  •  AVI, MPEG-2, RM(VB), MPEG-4/H.263/H.264 at 30FPS
  • 0.3+ MP camera on front, 3.0 MP camera on back. Auto-focus, no flash.
  • GSM + SCDMA Networks
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • Wi-Fi

LG KC780: World’s thinnest 8 megapixel camera phone with face recognition features

LG has announced the World’s Slimmest 8 Megapixel Camera Slider mobile phone. The KC780 is just over half an inch thick (13.8mm), and can also shoot 30fps video.

As per Unwired, LG KC780 should support the following features:

– A TFT display with limited touchscreen support
– Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE connectivity
– USB 2.0 and Bluetooth 2.0
– Video recording at 30fps
– 140MB onboard memory with microSD card slot Continue reading “LG KC780: World’s thinnest 8 megapixel camera phone with face recognition features”

If you Lose your mobile often Micro Mobile Controller might be your saviour

If you have been at the receiving end of a scheming, lowly mobile phone thief or snatcher, you are probably upset more at the loss of crucial data. For all of us know, we can replace a handset, but how the heck do we replace our precious store house of information, phone numbers etc?

Mumbai-based Micro Technologies has a solution made for those of us who either lose or misplace a handset.

The Micro Mobile Controller System will help you to remotely manage your lost mobile handset. The solution creates a backup of all contact details even after the loss of a mobile handset. 

Once it is installed on to the compatible handset, the user has to provide two add-on recipients mobile numbers, which could be a mobile number of any friend/family/colleague. In case of stolen or lost handsets, the information can be easily retrieved using the add-on recipient mobile phones. Continue reading “If you Lose your mobile often Micro Mobile Controller might be your saviour”

Worlds Most Expensive Mobile Phones

Just out of curiosity I was today having a word with my friend who recently bought a 8800 Carbon Atre which I must say is a thing of pure indulgence. So we sat down to catch up a little and ordered a Tazo Chai Tea Latte. After a while playing with the sexy slider we started to talk on what the most expensive or the costliest phones would be like. So I took out my N95 8GB and searched along sipping my Chai to find out the answer. Well for now we know what they look like and how much they are but the stats are a bit old and if you guys know what the latest is please put in the missing pieces. Till then you can take a look below at the worlds most costliest mobile devices.

We had a lot of cell phone makes in the run from  Vertu, Nokia, Gresso, Mobiado and GoldVish. Other mobile phone manufacturers are also partnering with luxury brands to produce a range of premium mobile phones, such as LG and Prada, D&G and Motorola, and now Tag Heuer and Modelabs. But the Top Spot has been grabbed by none other than Goldvish “Le million” priced appx. at a staggring $1,000,000 (£540,540).


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Samsung Pixon – 8MP & Touch – Lethal!

Touch phones are becoming the order of the day.

When until a few months ago, the touch technology was touted as the ‘next best thing’ with HTC leading the way, other Mobile manufacturers are following the trend with enhanced capabilities to make these handsets a “must want” on several lists.

After the high profile launch of the Samsung Omnia in India a few days ago, Samsung Pixon has now been launched officially. Although there is no word on the official India launch yet, one can be sure it will make its way to us, “the fastest growing Mobile market of the world.”

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S60 OS – A Closer Look

Well over my blogging for the past six months i have noticed that people hardly know what operating system is running on their cell phones. They do know that computers run on windows or mac or linux for a handful but they are completely unaware of what their mobile is running on.That was the whole point of my starting the blog. I’m sure all know what Nseries and Eseries are but S60 is what lies in the background. So here is a quick look at what S60 OS is all about. S60, the world’s most popular software for smartphones, lets you add new applications to your mobile device and keeps you connected to your favorite internet services in much the same way you do with your PC.

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Nokia 5800 XpressMedia -Tube Pictures leaked , launching in October

Nokia might unleash its iPhone and Android competitor next week at London .. Its called Nokia 5800 Tube or

Nokia 5800 XpressMedia

Some reports indicate that Nokia’s Touchscreen phone code named Tube will be unveiled at London on October 2nd .. Touch is the latest market winner – iPhone now HTC Google G1 ..

This handset is project as a media handset and has a large screen Continue reading “Nokia 5800 XpressMedia -Tube Pictures leaked , launching in October”

Samsung Omnia comes to India

Samsung launched its fully-loaded handset, Samsung Omnia (SGH-i900), in the Indian market recently. A touch phone that features Samsung’s patented TouchWiz user interface is a stylish and fully loaded handset that could be tough competition to some HTC touch phones.


High resolution screen

3.2-inch WQVGA LCD screen

On-screen QWERTY keyboard

Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional operating system

MS Office documents such as PowerPoint, Excel and Word

Outlook Express


16 GB Internal Memory

16 GB microSD card from Sandisk

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