HTC Vision – Desire with QWERTY Keyboard

It’s been a while since HTC launched Android phones equipped with a QWERTY keyboard. The HTC Desire, Legend, HD Mini all come without a hardware keyboard. But this time, the HTC Vision which is a Desire like handset but with a hardware QWERTY keyboard will start the trend again.

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Nokia N900 finally getting PR 1.2 Firmware Update today

Breaking news from MaemoArena , Nokia is finally rolling out the PR 1.2 firmware update for the Nokia N900. This update was leaked earlier and Nokia had issued a warning not to update using the unofficial source and that it could damage the device. This update brings tons of changes to the device and was eagerly awaited by the Maemo community . This update adds features like Portrait mode in Browser, Facebook IM supports, Email fixes, Skype Video Calling, Maps UI changes and lots more

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Steve Jobs to deliver Keynote Address at WWDC on June 7th

There was some speculation that Steve Jobs might not be at this years WWDC. Apple just announced that the Apple CEO will deliver the opening keynote address at WWDC the company’s annual developer conference. This announcement puts the rumors to rest. However no sign of new iPhone being announced on the same day. Will Apple have a seperate event for the new iPhone launch ?  June 7th is not too far away. We should find out soon.

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Walmart drops iPhone 3GS Price to $97 , 8GB 3G to get axed ?

Looks like Apple is in full swing to clear out unwanted iPhone inventory just before the new version is launched. Walmart has dropped the price of the iPhone 3GS 16GB version to $97 on a 2-year contract.  It is currently selling at $199. Continue reading “Walmart drops iPhone 3GS Price to $97 , 8GB 3G to get axed ?”

Samsung Wave available in Germany, France and UK


The Samsung Wave  with the sexy SuperAMOLED display from which we could barely take our eyes of at MWC is finally starting to ship in a few markets. Samsung has announced the commercial availability in European countries such as Germany , France and UK. Samsung Wave will be soon available in Southeast Asia, China, the Middle East and Africa, and Latin America.

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Nokia and Yahoo

Nokia and Yahoo have finally announced a partnership today in New York which was codenamed as Project Nike prior to this.  This might be significant for Nokia who has an ever declining market share in USA which is one of the most competitive mobile markets in the world.  Nokia and Yahoo will collaborate on Email , IM , Maps. Nokia will power Yahoo Maps.  We’ll be posting more details about this soon. Above picture show Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz  with Nokia CEO  Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo

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Nokia N8 Pre-orders will begin in July , 44 days to go

The guys from ReallyMobile are at the Nokia HQ in Helsinki , Finland  and they are confirming that the Nokia N8 will will be available for Pre-order in July. There was a Countdown timer spotted inside the Nokia office which readers 44 days 7 hours to go for Nokia N8 Pre-order to start Continue reading “Nokia N8 Pre-orders will begin in July , 44 days to go”

BOLT 2.1 Available for Download

Bitstream the company behind the Bolt Mobile Browser has released the 2.1 version of it’s BOLT Browser which was in a Beta for sometime. What’s cool is that the company is claiming that the browser has the best mobile browser video support. If that’s true then its some serious competition for Skyfire.  This version has HTML5 Video support in addition to Flash. Bollywood sites such as hungama and bollywoodhungama are supported.

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iPad + Velcro Funny Video

Jesse Rosten has managed to create a really interested video in which he put’s the iPad on a variety of places including a car dashboard, bike, kitchen, wall and the best one – a ceiling so that you can turn the iPad into a ceiling mounted TV. He just uses the Industrial Strength Velcro tape to make this possible

ipad velcro

We are not sure if this hack would end up smashing your face or the iPad but it’s certainly fun watching

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