Nokia N78 gets Firmware Update to

The Nokia N78 has got a new firmware  update v20.149.051.1. It sure does make the phone more stable and has still few missing items that we always wished the phone had. has posted the complete firware change log. Given below for your viewing.

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Reliance GSM now in Madurai

Reliance Communications launched its GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) service here yesterday as part of the recent nationwide service initiative.

A company press release said that customers choosing reliance Mobile GSM service can avail a unique plan, which offers up to 100 per cent savings to those having ARPU(Average revenue per user) less than Rs 100 in the state at a one-time subscription charge (including GSM SIM) of Rs 35 only.

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Mobility Survey throws up interesting findings about Windows Mobile

Recently, Microsoft commissioned a Mobility Survey in APAC in conjunction with Synovate to gauge people’s perceptions, attitudes about smart phones and how they put their phones to use in their everyday lives.

The survey throws up some fascinating revelations and definitely makes for an interesting read. The How Mobile Are You survey polled nearly 2,500 respondents (513 in India) in five countries across Asia.

· 59% of Indians polled prefer the touch screen phone. The candy-bar phone had the lowest percentage of preference at a mere 8% Continue reading “Mobility Survey throws up interesting findings about Windows Mobile”

Nokia E75 gets Leaked in Pictures looks Great

Nokia E75 might be the latest QWERTY Touchscreen phone from Nokia

The pictures were leaked today by DailyMobile

The phone has the metal / steel back cover like the E71 with a 2.4 inch screen, 3.2 megapixel camera, QWERTY Keyboard, Dual keypads, HDSPA,  and WiFi

more pictures after the jump

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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic crosses 1 Million in Sales

Nokia today announced that it had sold 1 million or 1,000,000 5800 XpressMusic Handsets which is currently its first mass market touch screen device.

The phone has also made a good start at UK

The phone was first launched in India earlier last year

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Photo Time – SE Yao in Violet

More pictures of the newly rumored SE Yao leaked online. This time in the Violet color. And man the phone indeed looks smashing. When we get more news on the handset we sure will cover it. Mean while have a look at these photos that we got on the chinese website

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Nokia N95 8GB gets firmware update 31.0.015

The Nokia N95 8GB is indeed a wonderful device and what else can be more welcome for a device of this stature other than a firmware update. Close on the heels of updates for N79, 5800 Xm, N95 Classic, Nokia has announced the availability of the Firmware update version 31.0.015 from the current available version 30.0.018. This update is available for unbranded phones only and we fellow Desi’s don’t have to worry as we don’t have to bother about locked or unlocked Nokia phones. This update of the N95 does not have UDP [User Data Preservation]. So don’t forget to back up all your important data.

The update itself is of miniscule nature and consists of preliminarily only few minor cosmetic changes and browser stability and puts to rest some constant Error messages that kept popping after the last update happened.

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Sony Ericsson W395 Yao walkman phone

The Sony Ericsson portfolio for India has been rather bleak with their last release being the Xperia X1 couple of weeks ago, and looking upon the global arena, there has not been any as well. Finally, SE have announced a walkman branded version of their F305 phone which is dubbed a gaming phone. It is Code named as “YAO” and the release number is w395.

It specs in the same as F305, which means the phone comes with :

176×220 screen, 2.0-Mp camera, etc. Continue reading “Sony Ericsson W395 Yao walkman phone”

Out Now! New and Improved – Nokia Software Update Site

Hi all. Say hello to a new and pleasing Nokia update website. Yes, nokia has thrown out a new and revamped update website. The new site has several features and they have been crafted with a niche for even the minute details. Unlike previously when we were put through a rigorous and confusing options of having to update the phone for its latest software the new site offers just that in nothing but few clicks and there you are updating the device and its a breeze.

Upon visiting the site you are welcomes by this : its so elegant and neat. Do have to appreciate the designers for their efforts. It has never been so simple.

As you can see, it gives you the choice to choose your device based on either the thumbnail view or the text list. Continue reading “Out Now! New and Improved — Nokia Software Update Site”

HTC Touch HD in India

For all you HTC TOUCH WIN MO fans in India, here is some sweet news for your ears. HTC 8282 Touch HD, the WinMo Monster is available through select retails (your favorite Mobile Showrooms in India).It retails for close to a whooping 42k INR. And it’s worth it for its mere 3.8 HD screen. Wow, and it’s got awesome Multimedia capabilities as well.

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Nike launches new iPhone application A must for soccer fans !

Nike has launched a mobile application called Nike Goal.  The application targets Italians who love soccer as well as Nike as a brand.

The iPhone application is an extension of the company’s site.

“The purpose of the application is to provide a free service to Italian football [soccer] fans who want to stay connected to the game and the teams and players they support,” said Martina Zavagno, digital marketing and ecommerce manager at Nike Italy. “For us at Nike, connecting with our consumers by providing them great, innovative products and services is a must,” Ms. Zavagno said. “Nike Goal has been launched with this in mind. Nike’s consumers expect us always to be ahead of the game,” she said. “Nike Goal is our kickoff of the game on the iPhone platform. The application right now provides just basic services, but we see it as a starting point. We have a lot of ideas in mind, but we want to grow gradually, adding features and services our consumers want to see on the application.”

Available in Italian and English, the application will soon cover the European Football Championships in the early part of this year.

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HTC 2009 Handset line up gets Leaked !

If you are HTC fan or a Windows Mobile , PDA user or if you are waiting for the next Android phone from HTC who made the G1 Google Phone then some good news for you all !

Like the Nokia Internal Roadmap leaked earlier now HTC’s entire 2009 Handset line up has leaked ..

The new HTC handsets include the Touch HD Pro which succeeds the HTC Touch HD,Iolite and Iolite II.

The Android phone – HTC hero, the Tungsten for T-Mobile and the HTC Jasper for Sprint. AT&T will get the Topaz and the Barium.

The last one, the pink, HTC Hero seems to run Android. Nice to see more Android devices in the making.

There are 25 handsets in total and the they are below followed by pics .. Continue reading “HTC 2009 Handset line up gets Leaked !”

10 Free Must Have Mobile Applications for Symbian S60 in 2009

The number of users using S60 phones NSeries , Eseries is growing fast . If  you using a N73 .. N81 , N82 or E61i, E71 type of phone you are part of the gang !

Glenn Letham at SymbianOne has put up an interesting list of Top 10 must have mobile applications for Symbian S60 phones to kick off the new year 2009 .. The best part is that most of the apps are free to download .. So What are you waiting for ?

Video and Media Sharing

qik , are video sharing / steaming apps

Twitter and microblogging

if you are a twitter user and would like to inform the world what your are doing rite now in under 160 characters .. then these tools may be useful to u – unfortunately this service will be closed down soon.
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