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FoneArena is one of the popular sources for mobile consumers and technology enthusiasts from across the globe. The publication strives to deliver all the latest news and updates from the world of mobile phones. Apart from reporting the daily dose of headlines, we also house one of the biggest and detailed phones and tablets database on the World Wide Web.

A historical background of FoneArena would mean we would have to go all the way back to March 2005. Ever since then we have been a one-stop site for all things mobile. We were honoured with the influential gadget blog in the world award and were cited as the most popular telecom site in India in the year 2009.

We at FoneArena also run a small project, dubbed FA Tech that is driven by the passion of our authors for gadgets and technology. FA Tech is a platform where we express our love towards the various developing fields in the world of consumer technology.

We try to bring all the latest coverage from diverse fields such as computers, camera, robotics and other space, which involves electronics, computers and mechanics. If you have liked what our team does in the mobile sector, then we are pretty sure that you would love what we cover in the field of technology.

FoneArena is all about sharing knowledge and our website can be a place for you to share your expertise with your fellow audiences from around the world.

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Meet the team behind –

Varun Krishnan – Editor-in-chief

He is probably one of the biggest fans of mobile phones and gadgets. He is currently in his mission of finding the ‘perfect phone’, so he ends up buying almost all the phones that makes its way into market. Varun is also the founder of Mobile Monday Chennai Chapter – which is basically an event where enthusiasts get to exchange ideas, opinions and of course knowledge.

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Praveen Kumar – Technical Head

He has the huge responsibility of looking after the day-to-day running of our publication.You can see him breaking his back in order to make sure all the things go by as planned especially our reviews and videos.

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Sunil Jamboor Nagesh – Digital Marketing Specialist

He started his professional career reporting tech and reviewing gadgets. SJN has been a part of globally reputed editorial teams during his tenure at GSMArena and AndriodAuthority. He bleeds tech and is currently heading our digital marketing initiatives.

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Dhruv Bhutani – Contributing Editor, Reviewer

He is a technology enthusiast who is always in sync with the latest and greatest topics in technology. You can see Dhruv with a Nokia Lumia 1020, HTC Butterfly S and other devices that come his way for reviewing.

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Srivatsan Sridhar – Contributing Editor, Reviewer

He is a technology enthusiast who is passionate about mobile phones and mobile applications. Srivatsan is also a diehard gamer, movie buff and a foodie. You can see him moving around with a smartphone always in his hand.

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Siraj Hassan Mohideen – Video Producer

Siraj is the in-house brand Apple loyalist. He is a multi-media specialist and the person behind the lens, producing awesome videos for our YouTube channel.

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Vigneshwar SR – Contributing Editor

He is a tech aficionado, a minimalist and passionate about gaming and traveling. Loves both Marvel & DC and crazy about Spiderman! Currently using Xiaomi Mi4.

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Sai Krishna Chavali – Contributing Editor

He is a close follower of tech which makes him passionate to write about the stuff that goes around in the mobile world. He is also a Gamer and a hardcore DC comics fan who is always seen searching for interesting things on the web to bring your way..

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Contact – If you are trying to reach us out to send in your press releases, comments, suggestions or errors, then we would appreciate if you could use our contact form. Thank You!