Video : Nokia N97 Mini Unboxing


The Nokia N97 Mini is here and we have an unboxing video just for you. The N97 Mini is actually much much more appealing than its big brother. We are actually liking the mini as the screen is VERY responsive and the phone has about 200 odd megabytes of free memory . The phone comes with the 2.0 firmware pre-installed if that’s adorable.

We were using gravity , took a phone call , listened to some music and then did some browsing and finally watched the Spiderman and the phone was pretty slick in handling the abuse. We are actually excited about the mini and will be comparing it with the N97 , N900 and E72.

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Author: Varun Krish

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  • Yasin

    Whats the price of mini N 97 in India.

    • The MRP is 30939 but you can find it for much lesser in stores

  • Avilash

    Hello Team FoneArena,

    Well, I wasnt aware that N97 mini wasnt launched in India. Well, i didnt find mini so much “intersting” compared to N97. Over here, the difference is just 10BD means 1200 INR. and the difference : 8GB less and a smaller screen size and also, the keyboard is smaller and tougher to use compared to other qwerty keyboard slide models. Its priced here INR 25000 in Bahrain and the dealer told me to wait few weeks as the prices are expected to crash down further. a N97 costs INR 26250 here. Being such a narrow price difference, why would anyone go for a mini? Untill n unless someone prove me its better then N97.

    • Good point Avilash,

      But N97 Mini looks and feels slightly different compared to N97. And also the scrolling , extra phone memory make it kinda fast in operation. In the long the run the mini will replace the N97 🙂

  • apaul

    N900 is a bit too much for comparison with ‘Mini’

  • Yasin

    The price of N 97 mini is 27500Rs.

  • AbdulRahman Manaoel

    Is there any way to find out if NOKIA N97 is made in Finland or made in China?

    Please advice


  • AbdulRahman Manaoel

    Is *#06# still in use to find if your NOKIA medel is made where?
    if not what is the new procedures.

    Thank You

  • sanjay

    i m planning to buy a n97 mobile but its made in finland so my query is whether it will function as the original n97 for use in mumbai????????? how to differentiate between fake n97 and original nokia made n97?????????? please help me out as i hv asked this question to many sites but no response plese help me someone!!!!!