The Real Google Phone does exist ?

android_logoGizmodo reports that a real Google phone is a certanity and makes us think that the Google Phone does exist. Well if you think the Google phone is already out in the name of the G1 or the HTC hero or Droid , you might be wrong . The source indicates that the Google Phone will be built on  Google-branded hardware running a version of Android we haven’t yet seen.

The HTC T-Mobile G1 was the first phone which was built on the Google Android platform  to hit the market. Although it had a lot of issues with battery life, it came with a lot of Google goodies and did really well in the opening weeks. It was then HTC brought the Magic / myTouch 3G sans the physical keyboard. One of the most powerful Android based handsets in the market right now are the HTC Hero, MotoDroid. But all this looks like just the beginning of Google’s thirst for a a share of the Mobile Consumer business.

And by “Google Phone” we don’t simply mean another Android handset. We’re talking about Google-branded hardware running a version of Android we haven’t yet seen.

Prototypes of Google Phones and Laptops are expected to arrive in Mountain View this week according to the source and they run a version of Android never seen before in public. They also sport a large screen.

If what we saw till know is not a Google phone, What is the Real Google Phone ? What will the new version of Android have ?

We expect the following – tighter integration with Google voice, Native Google Office apps for docs,word etc.  and A Google wave app .. what do you expect ?

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Author: Varun Krish

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