Nokia E72 The 5 Megapixel Camera

E72 camera lens

We know a lot of E71 users complained about the poor camera image quality.  Nokia has managed to cram in a 5 Megapixel Camera on the E72 and oh boy the phone takes some really good pictures compared to the really poor shots of its predecessor . We manged to put together some pictures to show the power of the new 5 MP Cam on the E72.

Its not got Carl Zeiss optics or a Xenon flash and the pics don’t come close to a NSeries device. But still its pretty good for a business phone .

We are sure any one reading this post will feel thirsty after this shot ..


So go to your nearest super market and grab your drink


You can also have some ice cream or milk shake ( The cam even picked up the man scratching his bald head )


Spotted a Cat in the Parking lot .. If we got any closer we would have been attacked


Taken from driver’s seat when the lights turned red


Indoors with Flash on


Macro with Flash Off

Don’t bother about the number on the SIMcard .. its expired .


This is Mickey Mouse saying bye


Time is up folks !  Come back again for more


PS:  if anyone needs the fullsize pics . do leave a comment below and we’ll be more than happy to serve you

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Author: Team FoneArena

A team of mobile geeks

  • Ashok

    Yes need full res pics.. Server me!! 😛

  • Satya

    Leave the full size pics aside. You just give me the Fonearena Key ring which you have posted above and I will be more happy to have that….Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

  • Sreekumar

    Thank you so much!

  • Ricky

    After seeing the above pics, i think that the camera of E72 is much much better than my E71..

    Time for me to reserve my E72.. 🙂

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the post. I use the E71 and look forward and looking for an upgrade to E72. One important reason being the 5 megapixel camera. Kindly send me the full pictures if possible to assess the camera performance on
    Thanks and keep on doin the good work.

  • Jimmy

    Hi guys,have been following e72 views from u. One thing I wanted to ask u can the E72 display number along with name while calling or receiving a call ? . If not then what’s the use of adding multiple nos to one contact if u don’t come to knw frm where the caller is calling. E.g home or office ? It’s only now available on 5800,N97 series handsets.

    • eddie

      Hi have you found a solution to this. I have the same problem, with my E72, the caller names are displayed only after the call.



  • brahm sharma

    Although it is a good mobile phone with nice camera. but while v compare the price of this phone with e71( near about rs. 7000/- extra), it looks in higher side( it seems that the Nokia men think, it is the time to encash the hipe of emotions created for this nice phone). u may have a good digital camera with 10 mega pix in Rs 7000/-approx. Although other featurees r also there like 3.5 mm. audio jack, faster speed and fiber key moovement but despite of these things we should keep our emotions in control and should see price aspect also.


    dear friend
    i would be more than happy if u could tell me how much do i pay 4 this handset ?
    and where will i find in india ?

  • MR……

    my nokia 5800XPRESS MUSIC is better than alll……….

  • Brahm sharma

    Dear Varun krish, there is a big difference between VALUE FOR MONEY AND TO BE CHEAP. Money itself should not be treated cheap and it requires value for it. I have given a point of view that if someone pays near abt Rs.7000/- extra only for the purpose of photography then he should consider this aspect also, otherwise phone is nice enough.

    • Dear Brahm ,

      I agree with you , this is not a main stream camera phone for sure. But its a Business phone with a good Camera. Its a good package and worth the money. Its just a personal decision 🙂 Some may prefer to carry a basic phone , a MP3 player and a digicam. Some prefer to carry a single gadget. But don’t worry about the price of E72 . It will come down for sure in a month and also price of E71 is expected to go down.

  • angeline

    hello there,

    do anyone know how to off the camera autofocus flashlight function? i’ve off my camera flash. but the autofocus fashlight still light on! it is annoying and it is hurting my eyes!

    please advice. thanks

    • John N

      Re Angeline post:

      This auto focus flashlight function has been driving me mad. Nokia advise that the torch should not be shone in anyones eyes yet the flash light activates in order to focus therfore in low light conditions, it hurts the eyes. I have’nt been able to switch it off and emailed Nokia asking how. They have not replied.

  • vijay

    dear sir, Yes need full res pics. Send me!!