Nokia N97 works with the Apple Wireless Keyboard

I personally love the tilt angle of the screen on the N97. Its perfect for reading tweets and messages when you are at work. But one problem with typing on the N97 ( until the v2.0 software update coming out soon) is the requirement to press two keys to get number entered. I ve been spoilt by QWERTY phones like the E71 and Blackberries , so I have never been a huge fan of T9 mode.image

So i decided to test the my lovely Apple wireless keyboard with the Nokia N97 and the great news is that it Works !

Imagine the power of a computer keyboard on a phone ! My word count on the N97 hit an all time high and I could literally type a whole bunch of stuff really fast . Next time , we live-blog or tweet from any event , expect us to carry this lethal combination. The phone detects the keyboard out of the box but to get pairing working you need to install this application from Official Application from Nokia Website

It’s actually an old application and does not support the N97 officially. ( you might get a device not supported kind of error when installing . ignore it )

Anybody else like bluetooth wireless keyboards ?

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Author: Varun Krish

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