World’s most Expensive Mobile Handset


Every mobile phone enthusiast has heard of the phone LeMillion. Even Vertu is like, cheap stuff in front of this phone. This phone is ultimate in the category of luxurious mobile phones. And when everybody around the world was speculating, which is the costliest mobile handset in the world, Guinness Book of World Records have come out with its verdict, which nobody can challenge (given Guinness’ reputation and genuine parameters). The LeMillion is now officially the world’s costliest mobile handset anybody will buy. For starters, the phone is 18K White Gold studded with 120 carats of VVS-1 Grade diamonds. GoldVish, a well-known premium mobile phones manufacturer, manufactures this phone. By the way GoldVish opened a flagship store in Geneva, which is the epicenter of premium Watch and Jewellery industry. Coming back to this expensive baby, it is Bluetooth enabled, 2GB memory, MP3, digital camera, Worldwide FM Radio. So this one is beauty with brains, a rare combination, I must say. The price of the phone is just above $1 Million…did you faint??


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Author: Team FoneArena

A team of mobile geeks

  • loume

    Um…. Does it have a key bord? I didn’t read the top…

  • Ashton

    i bought this phone about a week ago…
    i must say… its not very loud and the bluetooth is faulty.
    i wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who would want to listen to music a lot,
    there isn’t very good connection signal for texts and radio…
    my sister wanted me to post this because she was gonna buy one. but i wouldnt recommend it at all.