Nokia buys open source greenphone maker Trolltech

The news is out Nokia buys yet another company. This time Nokia is buying a Norwegian Linux mobile developer firm Trolltech

Trolltech are the makers of the Greephone

The Finnish giant seems to be embracing the Qt or Qtopia mobile platform as Russ points out. Its seen as a move by the worlds largest handset maker to expand its software and internet based services.

Dr Kai Öistämö, the head of Nokia’s devices unit,said the acquisition would aid Nokia in its strategies of being “a leader of the converged world in internet mobility” and “growing consumer services and businesses solutions”.

So is this the rise of the mobile web 2.0 or is it just Nokia 2.0?


Does this mean that Motorola , which is already having problems with its handset business has to shut down it handset business ?

Interestingly Motorola uses Qt platform for some of its phones and Motorola is a leading developer of Linux based phones.

Also would it be great if Nokia acquires Motorola’s handset business ?

Nokia seems to be thinking beyond the mobile these days .

On a sidenote is this buy influenced by the rise of the goolge android platform and also due to power of the OpenMoko platform.

via Trolltech Release

and Russ

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