Youtube expands mobile version and launches Java App

Google’s Youtube has expanded its mobile version by offering its large video collection at

youtube mobile

Until recently only a limited subset of the entire database was available on the mobile version.

FREE Youtube JAVA Application 

They have also announced a J2ME Java Application which lets users play videos without downloading them directly. But the sad news is that application is available only for Nokia’s N73, N95, E65, 6110, 6120 and SonyEricsson k800 and w880. But it should work pretty fine on any J2ME MIDP2.0 Phone . But the website does not let you install it on any unsupported phone

youtube-mobile-n82.gif But I stumbled upon wapreview blog  where I found the direct links to these downloadable Java jad/jar – both signed and unsigned versions

Here are direct links to download a (signed) and if that doesn’t work, (unsigned) version.

I tried installing it on a Nokia N82 and Nokia E61i. Seemed to install fine but could not play any videos even over a Wireless LAN connection, kept timing out . Looks like Youtube’s mobile servers are experiencing unexpected traffic after this announcement.

Do these apps mean death for applications like emtube and shozu ?

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Author: Varun Krish

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  • Hey there,
    Thanks for the review it’s a great little app.

    Just to touch on your point about ShoZu, we have a great relationship with YouTube and actually offer a very different service so I wouldn’t worry about ShoZu falling by the wayside anytime soon 🙂

    Sure, we offer a collection of YouTube’s top vids for you to watch, but that’s just a bit of a bonus feature and ShoZu is all about socialising with the full ’round trip’ experience (ie. uploading as well as seeing what you’re friends are up to, interactive commenting, etc). We are also an open gateway and support 30 different sites and over 300 different handsets with new ones being added all the time.

    The YouTube app is awesome, but we are in different categories so you’ll be able to get a little something out of each 🙂



    The ShoZu Blog

  • Hi Jambo,

    Thanks for your comments. I am aware that Shozu is having an edge and that they are an early adopter.

    Apps like youtube might pave way for innovation in the mobile application space.

    And I m expecting some new features in Shozu v4 🙂

  • Ciao,

    on my N95 and N82 it works fine. Did you setup the access point in the Real Player?


  • Nice to see you here Alessandro 🙂

    Yes the access point is setup as my wlan connection.

    Actually the app works completely fine apart from playing the video.

    Searching works, login and my videos work. Even upload works but streaming does not work. Weird problem