Transparent Concept Phone

Concept phone are always alluring and innovative. Here is a concept phone that might not have seen before, this phone is completely transparent and see through.


This concept phone is by BloodRabbit, which he thought of while driving home from work. This mobile phone comes in a see-through body and a basic LCD display; its dimensions are that of a credit card. You are probably scratching your head and wondering how the electronics and other stuff like a battery and camera fits in but this a very futuristic concept phone and we have to assume that, the technology in the future will be able to compress electronics to such a size. I am damn sure this phone is just a product of someones imagination and will be hardly commercialized.

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Author: Team FoneArena

A team of mobile geeks

  • sunset

    i like it, just dont understand how to put the stuff in it

  • mayank

    its mayank jain
    i want to kno th modle no. of this mobile
    soplz inform me
    i m so kind of u

  • kiran

    i want to buy the transparent mobile where should i get

  • Satya

    Hi All,
    this is just a concept, not a thing which has been arrived in the Market. We can only think of it at this time and may be in future you will get some like that.

  • Pauly

    hey.. hi to all the techies…
    it seems to b really awesome piece of electronics…

    jai nano..!!!

  • lee

    “where can you get it ” ????? never be released CONCEPT figure of someones and a computers imagination get a grip

  • uma

    hii!!dis s uma.thanks 2 technicians 4 dis concept n all d vy best 2 implement in use

  • Virender

    Hey all of u
    u dnt have mind
    it is fake ,where is the battery and charger plug
    use ur mind ok