Geekbench 3 for Android, iPhone and iPad released

Geekbench 3 for Android and iPad

Primate Labs has released Geekbench 3, the company’s first major upgrade to Geekbench in 6 years. The new app has new benchmarks, a new scoring system that separates single-core and multi-core scores, new UI for iPhone and iPad and lots more. We start including Geekbench 3 scores in future benchmark tests.

Features of Geekbench 3 for Android, iPhone and iPad

  • Several new tests designed to simulate real-world scenarios
  • Quickly and accurately measure mobile processor performance
  • New scoring system that separates single-core performance and multi-core performace into two separate scores.
  • New iOS interface that’s optimized for iOS 7
  • Geekbench 3 for iOS now automatically archives each benchmark run, allowing you to go back and view past benchmark results.
  • Geekbench for iOS also integrates with Dropbox, allowing you to share results between your devices and your computers
  • Geekbench 3 uses JSON as its native file format that is  based on JavaScript

Geekbench 3 is available as a separate app for both Android and iOS devices and not as an upgrade to Geekbench 2. The new Geekbench 3 is also available for Windows, Mac and Linux from Prime Labs store. License for these are available at discounted rates till August 31st.

Download Geekbench 3 ($0.99 / Rs. 55) – Android | iPhone and iPad

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Author: Srivatsan Sridhar

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