Nokia 5800 gets Major Price Cut

Nokia 5800 – the first mainstream touchscreen music phone from Nokia got a Major Price Cut today. From our sources in the mobile retailers . The new price before tax would be Rs.13499 which is a killer price for a touchscreen music device. Looks like Nokia might phase out this phone soon and wants to bring the all new X6 to India soon.


We have had tons of coverage about the 5800 on FoneArena right from the leak of the device codenamed Tube.  Also a major firmware update for the 5800 is rumored to be coming soon.

UPDATE : Good news for all your early adopters but not so good news for prospective buyers.

According to an user Saurabh who sent us these pics below, the new 5800 with the price cut does not have the TV-out feature . Also the extra stylus,pouch,stand,tv out cable are not part of the standard sales package anymore.



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Author: Varun Krish

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  • saurabh

    ausam dude now time to grab………………

  • Anonymous

    can we take pictures from the front camera in the new version?

  • ashish

    just got my hands on this phone(5800).. priced at Rs 15046/- at planet m(mumbai)( there is 12.5% service tax……) ….. well i know i paid a lot more … but i was not sure about this phone ….. so i didnt want to take risk .. so i went for a 2 yr warranty…+++++ the theft insurance which it covered for a yr. the phone is simply awsome… but being the touch screen u never know if any problems arise after few months…. i dont regret that it does not have a tv feature … but sure it a KILLER phone

    • Himanshu

      Hi ashish,

      did u get 8gb memeory card as well with ur 15.046 buy.

      i think the memory card (8gb) was earlier available (before price cut)

      • ashish

        yeah himanshu.. 8gb card was there with it … but lately i also got to know the shortcomings of having a small connectivity cable… its hardly 5 inches…. and so the phone is hanging … as i dont use a lappy… i guess nokia is also hit by recession

  • raul

    hey can any 1 tell me is nokia gona stop it’s production..???
    if not y price cut?
    who’ll buy 5530 @ Rs14000/-?
    please tell want 2 buy in december………

    • wait till december .. you will most likely see 5800 navigation edition, 5530 and 5230 in the market

      • maulesh

        can you tell me what is the latest price of nokia 5800 & nokia 5230.
        Also, i think major difference between these two pones are just camara & Wi-fi.

  • Nice phone
    sorry 2 say nt 4 me
    so costly

  • Shravan

    Hey Friends,

    Can anyone tell wat is the price of 5800 in Mumbai, i checked in mobile stores & as per them its 14919.

  • atul


    Bought this fone last week @ 13700 from Planet M. Guess what, the package didnt have any TV out cable, Pouch and Stand. Managed to get a pouch, stand and TV out cable from a duty paid shop at bargain price. The surprise awaits………….. When i connected the TV out cable to the TV, it WORKS!!!

    Dnt believe me?? Take a TV out cable from any of ur friends who have the old 5800 set and try..

  • atul

    According to forums nokia, “From what I’ve understood is that the removal of the tv-out (and the TV-out cable) in some Nokia phones was a temporary issue caused by a lack in the supply of the necessary components.”

    “only a limited number of device models Nokia 6220 classic, Nokia 3600 slide, Nokia 6500 slide, Nokia 7610 Supernova, Nokia 7310 Supernova and Nokia 5800 were affected by the component shortage for a short time period.”

  • Nilesh

    plz suggest me a cellphone that would cost around 10k-14k

  • John

    What is price in Goa and where it is available?


  • Vijay

    Hey Friends,

    What is the latest price of Nokia 5800 in mumbai? and Where to buy to get good deal?

    • Satya

      Comb the Market my friend.

  • Vijay

    Should I wait more to buy the nokia 5800 for the prices to fall down

    • Vikash

      Yeh, You must wait till gets to 5K. 🙂

      • Vijay

        Thank you for your suggestion.

        please Keep it with you.

    • Anonymous


  • Ming

    Good Cost for a Amazing phone.. However i wouldnt suggest u to wait much coz as of now they provide free sennheiser pmx60 headset .. combined with 8gb card .. over all worth the money [13500]… I dnt trust nokia they might just stop the production.. Since they are well know for launching phone in bulk .. lol

    • Vijay

      Thank you my friend for your valuable reply

  • Parth

    Why did they remove the TV out functionality?? Is the original model still available?

  • kapil

    prices seem to be lowered to 2k within 1 month

  • Is this a right time to go for 5800? coz i heard even after the firmware upgrade the touch screen hasnt improved much.

    but then again, will it be worth it to wait for the X6?

  • vikas

    hey frnds i wanna used 5800 e63 e71 means 3g n wifi feature handset
    9762281339 this is my mob. No.

  • vikas

    hey friends i wanna used 5800, e63, e71, e72 means 3g n wifi set if any call 9762281339