First iPhone Trojan is out


The First iPhone Trojan is out !!!, a forum dedicated to iPhone modification, had initially issued warnings about this Trojan. When the Trojan enters the iPhone it just displays the word “shoes”. Symantec reports that the moment you try to uninstall the Trojan it will delete the bin files on your iPhone and it also overwrites some kind of source code inside the iPhone. This Trojan is called, “iPhone firmware 1.1.3 prep” and researchers in Symantec say that this Trojan is first of its kind, dedicated towards damaging the iPhone. It seems the maker of the Trojan, is not happy with iPhone, which is surprising. Symantec also confirms that the files, which are uninstalled can be installed again, so the damage is not that great, considering the kind of damage Trojans normally do. This Trojan is supposed to be spreading through uninformed users installing third party applications on their iPhones. Users of iPhone are facing many problems like Apple’s firmware locking out the unlocked handsets, then one firmware making the iPhone completely useless and now this Trojan, thank god this one is less harmless.

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Author: Team FoneArena

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