Nokia Booklet 3G Retail Packaging


While the Nokia Booklet 3G is going to be available for purchase in some markets soon , We got hold of the retail packaging box of the this ultrasmall laptop /netbook at NokiaWorld last week. The box carries the same tradition of the N97 with eco-friendly material. Also the front side carries a embossed version of the product.

I also spotted this carry case for the booklet which looks nice and trendy. But there was not much info on whether this is complimentary along with the booklet or needs to be purchased seperately.


Enjoy these pics and the booklet pics for now while we bring you the video soon.

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Author: Varun Krish

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  • Ankit

    waiting for its indian release. but is it somewhat similar to the small laptops like hp mini & others… or does carry some difference.
    can u even make calls with it…huh kidding man !!

    • its got the best battery life in the netbook category and it runs window7 and its pretty slick . will post video shortly . But its a tad expensive compared to the competition

  • apaul

    It’s not a tad but too expensive, asus provides 9-11 hrs battery life at around 22-25k. This will never capture the netbook market at a price tag of around Rs. 40000 for a netbook. I was hoping Nokia would crush it’s opponents by releasing this, but after i heard it’s price I know this will never make it. People will get a high end “notebook” with core 2 duo at a similar price with huge screen and much better functionality (this has very weak processor and memory).