Man gets mobile phone bill for 34 lacs

Imagine you get a mobile bill for Rupees 34 lacs !! You can even buy a Merc or an apartment for that kind of money.

An 22yr old Oil Field worker from Calgary,Canada -Piotr Staniaszek got an whooping 85000 dollar mobile phone bill . It was due to his mobile browsing charges. He had signed up for a $150 unlimited data service from Bell Canada

He happily connected his phone to his computer and downloaded tons of data including movies and games.

But his happiness turned sour when he got a 85000 dollar bill . The operator was charging him on a per-kilobyte basis for mobile downloads on his PC.

Bell  has reduced his bill to 3243 dollars as a measure of goodwill but Staniaszek is still unhappy over the episode. But he must feel a bit better paying 3243 dollars compared to 85000.

The lesson – Next time make sure you read between the lines before taking up any new service. Its better to ask upfront than paying a hefty price later

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Author: Varun Krish

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