Nokia and Microsoft to hold Press Conference today, What to Expect ?

nokia_windows-mobile So the big wigs are teaming up for a Press Conference today. Nokia is a leading mobile device manufacturer and Microsoft is a leading software company. They are reportedly going to announce an Alliance.

What to expect ?

A Nokia phone running Windows Mobile ? Well tats too much to expect but we are keeping our fingers crossed. It’s most likely that Microsoft will announce a version of MS Office for Nokia Phones – Sweet ! isn’t it ?

Let us know in the comments about what you think about Nokia and MS teaming up .

Pic via Engadget

UPDATE :Nokia and Microsoft form major alliance to deliver mobile productivity solutions

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Author: Varun Krish

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  • ankit

    well wht else can u expect frm microsoft to provide to cell phone makers other thn WIN. office and other social sites’ tabs …..

    but one thing every cell phone lacks is word “customizable”; it wud b cool if even same cell phone wud customize itself to different users to cater them as the user require…..!! i knw many wud not get my point but then this wht u asked when u said give ur views about nokia & MS teaming up !! wht say varun

  • hi ankit ,

    I think ur point is a valid feature request to mobile device makers but then i dont think something concrete will come out of this alliance.

    Most likely to be office support in symbian phones.

    Well Customize is a tricky word 🙂 limits and possiblities are infinite !

  • Kishalaya

    A real value added Product from Nokia and Microsoft would be N97 with Duel Sim with Window Mobile OS which can support Duel Sim Phones. This Product with window MS office mobile having push e-mailing would out-do any mass market/up market e-mailing mobile Products.

    Nokia & Microsoft need to think seriously!There is a huge market for this.

    Good luck!