Garageband for iOS introduces Audiobus support

Apple has issued an update for its popular music creation application, Garageband, which adds support for Audiobus. The addition is quite significant as it means that Apple recognizes the need for inter app communication which is something that has been lacking on iOS till now.

Audiobus-GaragebandAudiobus was launched in 2012 to serve as a standard interface to share data between audio apps. It has since been adopted by several music creation apps as the standard. The Apple iPad has been seeing a lot of mainstream appeal as a music creation device due to the simple interace and the easy of recording and sequencing on a single device. Thanks to Audiobus it is now possible to record a track, pass it through a software based amp modeler like Amplitude and then further process it in Garageband. While Audiobus can work as an input, effect or output, Garageband can as of now only be used as an output. This means that Garageband can only serve as the final step in your audio creation process allowing you to record from third party apps like Animoog and the sequencing it in Garageband. The move is groundbreaking and should further solidify the iPad as the de-facto tablet choice for hobbyist musicians.

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Author: Dhruv Bhutani

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