Nokia N97 Camera Lens Scratching Problem Revealed!

Very soon after the Nokia N97 was launched, consumers started complaining about straight line or scratches appearing on the Nokia N97 camera lens. The scratches were appearing on most handsets regardless of the time used, country of purchase or country of origin.

Here is a shot shown a scratched Nokia N97 camera lens:

Here’s a lens with some more scratches:

Well now brkix, a member of the forums has uncovered the reason behind the Nokia N97 camera lens scratching problem. After dismantling the Nokia N97, brkix reports that there is a piece of plastic with a square piece of metal attached to notify the phone of the opening of the lens cover and in turn activate or deactivate the camera application.

The piece of plastic is the blue stuff which we see below the lens cover. This was the same thing people used to think was a cleaning cloth. The blue stuff is too close to the camera lens and it scratches the lens when it is moved especially if there is dust trapped in between.


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Author: Sandeep Sarma

Sandeep Sarma is a blogger and a freelance photographer. Apart from gadgets and phones, he also has a passion for movies and cars. He currently uses the S7 Edge as his main phone. Catch him on twitter at @sandeep9sarma

  • Brett Thevenau

    Any advice for me on a problem with incoming calls…if screen and keyboard are locked it will not let me answer until I first unlock using the slider….cant be right…two buttons to answer a call.

  • Hi Brett ,

    I guess you need a unlock to answer app

    Will try to post about it

  • Tarun

    @Brett Thevenau – This feature of using 2 buttons to answer has been designed keeping in mind the phone’s resistive touchscreen which can be used using your finger or a stylus (or anything else for that matter). The unlock to answer has been designed to avoid you accidentally answering or rejecting a call while the phone is in your pocket and the fabric touches the screen.

  • Let’s hope that Nokia do something about the issue with the lens cover that the N97 has – as this has been causing scratches to the lens instead of protecting it.

    Google for N97 Lens if you’re thinking of buying one…

  • rajan kansal

    if the fone is locked….. there are two bars goinn on !! one is to unlock and another is to answer.




    WHAT TO DO ????

  • There’s now a petition to suggest that Nokia acknowledge the N97 lens scratching issue and replace affected devices

    It’s new! It’s exciting!

    If you’ve got scraches on your N97 lens, sign it at


  • selva

    Did any of u call nokia care?

  • zeka

    Any advice for me on a problem with incoming calls…..

    ju just go in phone setting and type the button eny key answer you must have on. and you have any key answer and then you may touch every button for opening the call

  • zeka

    the biggest mistake of nokia.
    photography evening when I eg. more Flash is light that normal picture. and this is a major problem because many have left near a flash camera. This video camera of N97 is totally failed. Forgive me for the great stress this probem.
    I know if someone returned an answer please

  • Nicky

    Hey, this is a nice discussion! I have a problem with my N97…

    Take a look at a photo sample.

    Noticed the left side of the photo? Why is it like this? there was nothing in front of the camera… the camera an flash glass was clean… and I don`t have that scratch yet. All photos in outdoor low light conditions come out like this… What do you think I should do? If you`ve got any solution, send me a email please!

    Thanks anyway! And, yes, Nokia should do something real quick. Greetings!

  • I have a n97 that i own for about 2 and a half months now ,the lens on the amera is filled with scratches when i thake a pic with the flash own the is a line in the middle of it that destroys the pic do you think if i put scratch remover on the lens do you think it will work without the line

  • Nicky

    I found a SOLUTION!

    All the flash flooding problem is because of the scrach. The light from the flas reflects inside the camera shutter glass… So the easyest thing you can do is to cover the scratch with a black maker or pen… just paint the scractch… take care… do not cover the surface above the flash or the camera lens.

    i tryed this….it works perfectly.

    Another thing you can do is to replace the camera shutter glass with a new one… but it looks a lil bit more complicated… i don`t know how risky it is. i wouldn`t want to disassamble my n97 😀

    It`s up to you… lots of videos and tutorials on youtube. more info up there.